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Worst Dressed Royal Wedding Guests April 29, 2011

Posted by Lipstick in News, Terrorist Hemorrhoids, Women Ranting.

Oh, we’ve got some contenders here, that’s for sure.  How about this little number:

I’m wearing a canoe on my head!


Here’s Princess Anne, who has never been known as the snappiest dresser and she lives up to expectations:

I’m wearing a felt-covered upside down colander on my head!


But wait!  There’s more!

Here is Prince Harry’s on again off again girlfriend Chelsey, whose skirts are always too short and her wardrobe always just shy of something you’d find in a hooker’s closet:

Really Chelsey, that’s the best you can do?  A mismatched, ill-fitting “outfit” with the skirt liner showing?  And what the hell is that on your head??!

Speaking of “what the hell is that on your head”, I give you our winners of the worst, most hideous outfits of the day — yes, it’s a twofer.

It’s ugly.  It’s horrifying.  Fair warning.



Run while you have the chance.



I’m serious.



Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s lovely and elegant daughters:

Freak-show time!


1. kevlarchick - April 29, 2011

What is it about some British ladies? They look like the rednecks in my Appalachian neighborhood.

2. MCPO Airdale - April 29, 2011

Money can buy you a lot of things. . . taste is not among those things.

3. kevlarchick - April 29, 2011

Did Chelsey even brush her hair? She looks like she’s been done over by a squadron of sailors.

4. daveintexas - April 29, 2011

Here’s the thing about most some British women.

They ugly.

I mean, seriously, omfg, ugly.

5. Lipstick - April 29, 2011

KC, that’s sort of what Mr. L said when he saw that photo.

Actually it was “oh, she’s a slut, you can just tell by her face.”

My sister says Chelsey should get her “pig nose” fixed.

6. BrewFan - April 29, 2011

I’d hit it!

7. Retired Geezer - April 29, 2011

That one chick looks like a Living Doorknocker.

I must have seen a movie that had that scene in it.

*scratches bald spot…

What the heck was it?

8. Retired Geezer - April 29, 2011

… Labyrinth?

9. MCPO Airdale - April 29, 2011

When I lived in England, I once made the observation that the British had the most beautiful children and the ugliest adults in the western hemisphere.

10. The Lovely Janis - April 29, 2011

You forgot Posh Spice oh mean Victoria Beckem — I understand she is 6 months preggers, but she designed what she wore and it looked like she was going to a funeral. Now on the other hand her hubby was quite dapper.

11. Lipstick - April 29, 2011

Her shoes were awful, too.

12. osoloco - April 29, 2011

I really like canoe head’s shoes.

13. Lipstick - April 29, 2011

They had an extra naughty biker touch.

14. Michael - April 29, 2011

I don’t think anybody who was in Westminster Abbey for the wedding will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

15. Michael - April 29, 2011

the British had the most beautiful children and the ugliest adults in the western hemisphere.

In my experience, the best looking women tend to be concentrated in Israel, Korea and Poland. That’s based on visits to about 35 countries. Not sayin’ that there aren’t some hotties in Brazil or Norway or wherever. It’s just the ratio. What percentage of women do you see where you think, “Dang, I’d like to do her!” In Israel, you see women all the time in IDF uniforms, which are not particularly flattering, and you are thinking “Dang . . . ”

England is way down the list. For Western Europe, they are well behind Italy or Spain. English women are barely competitive with the French or Portuguese. They can’t compete with the Scandis or Swiss.

16. Michael - April 29, 2011

Also, I have never been to Holland, so I am making no comment about women of Dutch extraction (like my wife).

Let’s make this absolutely clear — I am saying NOTHING about Dutch women. I’ll bet that all the Dutch girls are smokin’ hot. I just haven’t been there, so I can’t say for sure.

17. Dave in Texas - April 29, 2011

The problem with this attire is the “Tele-Tubbies” are played, for cryin out loud.

Anachronistic cultural references for crying out loud.

18. Cathy - April 30, 2011

My theory on the Brit wimmins…

Check out their teeth.

Yep. Problem is their teeth.

19. Sarah - April 30, 2011

The teeth are a royal family trait. The men have them too.

20. On Royal Weddings « NoOneOfAnyImport - April 30, 2011

[…] Yikesters. […]

21. Retired Geezer - April 30, 2011

The teeth are a royal family trait.

Are there no dentists or orthodontists in England?

We even have some in Idaho.

22. Cathy - April 30, 2011

Are there no dentists or orthodontists in England? We even have some in Idaho.

British Health Care!

23. Retired Geezer - April 30, 2011

British Health Care!

Wait, you mean socialized medicine has problems?

I can see I need to study this more.

24. mare - April 30, 2011

Chelsey looks absolutely awful. Did she go an a bender the night before?

25. Lipstick - April 30, 2011

She always looks like she’s tipsy and rode hard.

26. kevlarchick - April 30, 2011

Some fellers like em rough. I’d say something nastier, but just think “dirty leg.”

27. Takethattoo - May 1, 2011

Coming a close second when it comes to ‘ugly’ has to be American women,- You could park ten trucks in some of their big fat asses….do those chicks EVER stop eating?
and why do they always dress like men – in those ugly denim shirts etc
and whats with their mannish voices?

(by the way, anybody whos only experience of American women is from watching Friends or Sex and the City – Trust me 99.9% of the women do NOT look like that.) 🙂

28. Cathy - May 1, 2011

You’ll get no argument from me Takethattoo.

Of course it should also be said that most of the wimmins who hang around here @ IB are lovely gals and don’t fit the image you describe.

29. Takethattoo - May 1, 2011

Youre right Cathy,
I’m sure there are lots of good-looking people in America….
but also some really bad looking people as well, just like there are in the rest of the world…
There just seems to be a lot of ‘limey bashing’ on this board and its not necessary.

I’d be the first to admit that Eugenie and Beatrice looked a fright in those hats and those outfits…. but they’re not bad looking girls and compared to a lot of American women, the two of them look positively anorexic!

As for Chelsey, she isn’t even from the UK……..

30. Cathy - May 1, 2011

Takethattoo, you seem to be trying to make a point.

31. BrewFan - May 1, 2011

Takethattoo, we kid around a lot here. In general, we love the U.K. and it’s people. Especially those cut from the same cloth as Maggie Thatcher. Also, don’t forget we’re bound together by our mutual disdain for the French!

32. BrewFan - May 1, 2011

Hi Cathy! *waves*

How was the movie? Should I go see it or wait until its out on dvd?

33. Cathy - May 1, 2011

Also, don’t forget we’re bound together by our mutual disdain for the French! Fwench!


34. Cathy - May 1, 2011

Brew, I enjoyed the movie. If it’s in a theater near you, go.

Those who have seen in like it a lot. The libs in Hollywood and the media are trashing it… so all the more reason to see it.

It exceeded my expectations and requirements. I submitted my review of it at Fandango. Here’s what I wrote…

Well done. I’ve read the book and appreciated how they were able to bring it into modern times without departing from industry and the railway theme that is in the book. This was no easy feat considering all the detail needed to understand the intricacies of our economy and capitalism. Enjoyed the scenery and photography also. Didn’t miss the fact that the actors are not big box office attractions. That’s not a reason to see this flick. It should be seen by people who want to understand the book but simply know that they will never be able to wade through Ayn Rand’s 1000+ page ‘struggle.’ There are some steamy scenes in this, but I appreciated that they were not too graphic because I hope that many parents out there take their preteens and teens to see this. We need to help influence our children earlier in understanding society, economics and how governments that appear to ‘care’ encroach on individual liberties and ruin economies. Look forward to parts 2 and 3.

35. BrewFan - May 1, 2011

Good review. Thanks for sharing.

36. JAM2 - May 2, 2011
37. aliceaitch - May 2, 2011

I don’t think anybody who was in Westminster Abbey for the wedding will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

I dunno about that…those hats are nearly as loud as a pipe bomb, which might give some of them time to run if they remember to take off those shoes.

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