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Sometimes It Pays to Ignore Batman… April 18, 2011

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Yep. This area was supposed to be treated with Roundup last week. That’s what Batman wanted. I had other plans…

Strawberries - Gone Wild!!

We are different. He sees a leaf on the pool and wants it off right away. I could watch the leaf float across the water and enjoy imagining it a graceful boat gliding across calm waters. He wants things culled and trashed, while I consider unwanted items as treasures in the hands of others. He wants it gone. I want it given to charity. He sees a project and places it at high priority, pronto. I see that same project as part of a vast network of the PERT/CPM-charts in my head and have already scheduled the project sometime in the future.

Sometimes he wins. Sometimes I do. I drive him nuts. It’s a miracle we are still together after 38+ years.  Sometimes we both win and get strawberries.

The Most Difficult Thing to Say Ever April 16, 2011

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Michael, it seems you were right.

Wow.  That was difficult.

I mentioned after the big unusual freezes here that I keep saying are unusual AND YET we’ve had em back to back for the past two winters, that I thought we lost both sago palms.  I didn’t even bother looking at this one until today.

Look closer…


Hey President Clueless, Do You Even Know Who Pays The Federal Income Tax?? April 13, 2011

Posted by Michael in Politics.

Per the Tax Foundation, using data from 2008:

The top-earning 5 percent of taxpayers (AGI over $159,619), however, still paid far more than the bottom 95 percent. The top 5 percent earned 34.7 percent of the nation’s adjusted gross income, but paid approximately 58.7 percent of federal individual income taxes.

Obama sternly announced today that he would not again agree to extend Bush’s largess towards the wealthy.

Meanwhile, half the country is paying next to nothing while most of the money is spent on them:

The average tax rate in 2008 ranged from around 2.6 percent of income for the bottom half of tax returns . . . [emphasis added]

Did you get that, Barry? Half the country pays way more in sales taxes than federal income tax. And, we’re only talking about people who have income and file a tax return. Oh by the way, Knucklehead in Chief, has anybody mentioned to you that only 45% of Americans have jobs?

Now let’s think this over, Jugears. If you really have concluded that we have a revenue shortfall (and not just profligate and wasteful spending), do you seriously believe that “rich” people are the problem because they are not paying their “fair” share?

Summary of Latest Federal Individual Income Tax Data

From Fugly To Fabulous in Five Hours! April 12, 2011

Posted by Cathy in Ducks, Stupid shit.

We had a pretty pool. But we wanted an AWESOME pool. So a couple of weeks ago pool was emptied for work to start.  Old tile and plaster were chipped away, old plumbing parts were hacked off, skimmers were dug out, removed, and replaced.  The old surface even got a pasty-white-facial-masque.

Jackhammer Demo

And this morning, after all the prep work and thunderstorms, our pool looked like this… FUGLY!


Pool BEFORE View - Morning of April 12


I can haz towel? April 11, 2011

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See “North Face” thread for explanation.

Meow? Um. MEOW??

I Bought Mesa a Present Today April 10, 2011

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Movie Review: “North Face” April 9, 2011

Posted by Michael in Art.

OK, I’m going to explain to you the elements of a good movie, and then tell you how “North Face” stacks up, being as how it is a critically acclaimed movie that we just watched.  It’s about a German climbing team competing with an Austrian team in the 1930s to be the first to conquer the north face of the Eiger.

That guy is in trouble. Will he escape to boink his girlfriend?

Warning, this review will definitely spoil the movie for you, but you will never watch it anyway because it is an obscure foreign artsy flick, so no big deal.

Elements of a good movie:

1. Screenplay.

Good movie – English.

North Face – Fail.  German with subtitles. And we sorta half-understand German, so we didn’t have to read everything.

2.  Plot.

Good movie – Male protagonist (MP) and Best Buddy (BB) venture into dire peril, while female protagonist (FP) breathlessly awaits and even supports the outcome.

North Face – Sorta OK so far.

3.  Action.

Good movie – There should be gunfire, explosions, and/or swordplay.  And, of course, FP’s boobs.

North Face – Fail.  Just cold, avalanches and rockslides.

4. Cinematography.

Good movie –   Did I mention the boobs?  FP’s boobs should be filmed bouncing, heaving, stretching a wet tee shirt, and just plain nekked.

North Face –   Total fail.  No boobs at all.  FP does not have impressive rackage to start with, and mostly you see her swaddled in cold-weather gear.  With all that cold weather, you would think that they could have given us one good “headlights on” shot, but no.

5. Sound track.

Good movie – It should rock your woofer.  You can’t go wrong with AC/DC.

North Face – Bigtime fail.  Woofer barely moved.  Lots of wind noise.

6.  Acting.

Good movie –  The characters should be believable and engaging.

North Face –  OK, the acting was really excellent, even in German.

7. Denouement.

Good movie –  Two choices:  (a) BB dies, but MP barely survives and boinks FP, or  (b)  MP dies, but BB barely survives and boinks FP.  The boinking of FP is not optional.

North Face – Gonzo Monstrous Fail.  MP and BB die.  Even the Austrians die, so there is nobody left to boink FP.  Are you getting this?  Nobody boinks FP!!!   This is not a forgivable omission, even despite her unwillingness to show cleavage.  I mean, dang, even in “Titanic” FP got banged by MP just before the ship went down, despite all the class barriers that made this union totally unrealistic.

So, I have now saved you the trouble of watching this movie.

You are welcome.

Robot Bird April 8, 2011

Posted by Michael in Science.

Pretty cool.

But, can you mount a gun on it?

Thanks to Doug for the link.

Days of Rage April 7, 2011

Posted by Michael in Economics, Personal Experiences, Politics.

Today, I kicked off my annual month-long days of rage against the machine.  I’ve been putting this off, but I had to get started.

This is me for the next month, on the left

How and why did I do this?  I’ll tell you.  I installed Turbotax and started working on my tax return, because I could not procrastinate any longer.

Have you ever seen the data on who actually pays federal income taxes?

No?  Go here. I’ll tell you the facts that matter to me.  The top 5% of wage earners are 34.73% of adjusted gross income, and pay 58.72% of the federal income tax.   The super-rich Bill Gates types actually pay proportionately less than that, and there are not enough of them to really matter.  Thanks to folks like me, the bottom 50% are paying essentially nothing and getting a free ride.  This is before you take into consideration the distribution of benefits that the federal government is shelling out to illegal immigrants, poverty pimps, welfare moms, dairy farmers, public sector unions, worthless bureaucrats, favored corporations, and other assorted freeloaders.

So, at the moment, I don’t even know how my tax return will look.  Heck, maybe I’ll get a few bucks back.  What I do know is that I’m going to be mad as hell.  I’m going to get my annual opportunity to consider the amount of money (it’s gonna be six figures) I am spending on dishonest people who run Planned Parenthood abortion mills, promote systemic voter fraud by ACORN, specialize in race hustling to demand massive handouts because, for example, they mighta sorta been a black farmer back in the day  of DOA discrimination assuming they had actually been willing to work behind a mule in the hot sun, welfare moms who make a career out of pumping out illegitimate babies, effete snobs at NPR who assume people like me are racist fools, bureaucrats flying to nice resorts so they can jerk each other off with their fantasies about the pernicious effects of a benign gas like CO2 (which actually has a well-documented fertilizer effect), and a clueless President who thinks he can heal the world by playing golf and  by flying around the globe at great expense so that he can walk on red carpets, read a teleprompter, attend state dinners and other fun events, and play more golf.

Meanwhile, Congress and the President seem incapable of taking even baby steps towards a budget that will not bankrupt my children.

I’m just sayin’, this is not a good time of year to annoy me.

I’m retired now, so starting in 2012 I think I will be able to manage my tax bracket so that I stop paying for the rest of you assholes.  I’ll get to choose whether I spend pre-tax or post-tax or capital gains money, or my free capital gain on real estate.  I can figure out how to game the system.

Fuck you.

You wanna know how the so-called “rich” people in America feel about you at this time of year?

Fuck you.  I was born poor, I spent my time in a trailer park, and I don’t owe you anything.

I will give you something, because Jesus demonstrated a special concern for the poor, especially widows and orphans.  But paying taxes is not giving.  It is just allowing bureaucrats to spend my money in order to create permanent dependencies that lock in their own position.  Look at HUD or HEW or food stamps from the DOA.  Have they accomplished anything?  Did they make a dent in the War on Poverty?

Nope, they made it worse, across the board.  The best possible means to address poverty are family, friends, churches, charities, or even  local and state governments.  We know this, and yet we displace them with bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. who will do the wrong things every time.

Geezer Dancin’ on Stage in Vegas April 6, 2011

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Years ago, I mentioned my Dancing debut to a few of the IB’ers. I finally figured out how to get the video transferred from VHS and uploaded to YouTube.

After watching this video, I realize why my knees are shot.

I was a Las Vegas stagehand for 30 years. You might remember me as Pat the Lightman. I had the pleasure of designing and running the lights for all the Golden Rainbow productions at Bally’s, Las Vegas. The year I retired, I had the honor of dancing with my friends from the cast of Jubilee. This video was filmed at the Luxor hotel. Lighting by my friend, Jeff Clark.

Jazz Hands… Knee Slide… Feather Boa…Tour jete’… What’s not to love?

My next project is to figure out how to transfer my interview with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, from cassette to my computer.

Business Tax Climate vs. Population Growth April 6, 2011

Posted by geoff in News.

It’s an article of faith among conservatives that the laws of supply and demand hold. And it has been our expectation that those laws apply to the States and their business climates, i.e., that people will go where businesses are prospering, and businesses will prosper more easily in states which are friendlier towards businesses.

The Census Bureau recently released the state population growth data, which gives us a chance to check how well our faith corresponds to reality. So I’ve plotted the Tax Foundation’s 2011 State Business Tax Climate Index vs. the % change in population for each state from 2000 to 2010. I probably should have picked a year like 2005 for the Tax Climate Index so that it would be in the middle of the population growth period, but oh well.

Anyway, here’s the result:

It looks like there is a very definite trend of increased population growth with more favorable business tax climate. Which means that our faith wasn’t misplaced.

Allen West Is Not Backing Down! April 2, 2011

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When asked what kind of  reception he’d like for lunch with supporters, U.S. Congressman Allen West (FL)  said Texas BBQ. Delighted to be dressed in jeans and boots he joined us for lunch at Sammy’s BBQ in downtown Dallas.

U.S. Congressman Allen West (FL)

The venue was classic for Texas. A tent-like structure adjoins the building filled with outdoor tables and chairs. Wooden paper towel holders are the only table decorations. But the food and Texas friendly service were good and memorable.

The lunch crowd was a mix in age, culture,  and background,  including Tea Party pals and Conservatives. I was delighted sit across from former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert and his lovely wife Laura.  I’ve met both of them but was happy to enjoy a chat and make it through without BBQ sauce on face or clothing. (more…)