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Obama Adopts Irish Accent in Ireland May 25, 2011

Posted by Lipstick in Entertainment, WTF?.

Pander much, Sparky?

This is a cute and catchy video showing “highlights” of the O’Bama’s Irish visit.  Make sure to stay till the end to hear the accent.  Wow.


Tip O’ the Hat to Michelle Obama’s Mirror


1. BrewFan - May 25, 2011

Another royal family post? 🙂

2. Lipstick - May 25, 2011

Heh, The Doofus Family, more like.

3. daveintexas - May 25, 2011

Thoughtful of him to point out the sun.

4. Lipstick - May 25, 2011

He was wanting credit for it.

Le soleil, c’est moi.

5. Pres. Paddy O'Bama - May 25, 2011

Hell, that was easy.

You know what’s really hard? Putting on a black accent in Chicago, having never once spent any time with actual black people. Well, other than when i had that really crappy job as a *snicker* “community organizer.”

Seriously, I went there, had a couple of pictures taken, then it was back in the limo and *swooooosh I was outa there.

Those people scared the crap out of me.

6. OBF - May 26, 2011

Its just all so odd.

“Chamaeleontidae – any of a family of chiefly arboreal Old World lizards with prehensile tail, indepentantly moveable eyeballs, and unusual ability to change the color of the skin”

O’bama – old Irish word meaning reptile?

7. OBF - May 26, 2011

…on a much more positive note. We now have two rent-a-goats to try and keep down the weeds on the back of our property. Both just got rid of their babies – a fact we didn’t know about until they started bleating because their goat boobies were hurting. My wonderful wife decides to help out. Next photo opportunity is when she straddles a goat and puts her head towards the goat’s rear. After leaning over for a better grip she then reaches around and under the critter in an attempt to milk Frostie (the name of the goat).

She’s very smart (Sobek gets his smart genes from her) and realizes that isn’t how it’s supposed to be done. Plan B is put into motion.

Now we have three bummer lambs to help out with the milking chores. We just have to secure the goats so the lambs can do what little lambs do…and not get arrested.

Hmmm. Maybe that’s where TSA agents get their training?

8. Robert - May 26, 2011

PLEASE can they keep him?

9. Cathy - May 26, 2011


*rolls eyes*

10. lauraw - May 26, 2011

I hate it when he does his ghetto cadence. This must be what lefties felt like when W overworked the Texas schtick.

Though I think he enjoyed that it pissed them off. I sure did.

11. kevl - May 26, 2011

But did he drink the beer at room temp?
Very strange story. The times we live in….

12. daveintexas - May 26, 2011

Those room temp local brews are pretty good.

13. kevl - May 26, 2011

I am not a beer specialist. I drink to get a buzz on. That’s about it.

I can sympathize with those mother goats! I remember back in the day when my chitlins went off the boob. OUCH. If the lambs stay around, won’t the goats keep making milk?

14. daveintexas - May 26, 2011

I am not a beer specialist unless it’s cold. Then I am a beer fan.

Particularly in a hot Texas summer. With Tex Mex.

wait, there was a boob point here and I missed it. Ouch? OHHH.. continued production of milks.

Here I am at 51 and I still learn stuff about boobs. That’s why boobs are amazing.

15. OBF - May 27, 2011

kevl – we have 4.5 acres with only one acre taken away from mother nature’s original intent. In weak moments I consider a fence around the deepest jungle with the intent to let the critters run wild inside the enclosure. We’ll begin giving the little lambs some hay and grain so they can wean themselves off the milk makers. Hopefully the goats will dry and the lambs will make the transition about the same time.

Wait a minute……..daveintexas never had hay and grain! Could that be the reason he still is looking at people between the navel and the chin?

16. OBF - May 27, 2011

My grandson, Noah (4 years old and adorable)and I are standing in a pretty long line at the garden store check-out line.
Noah – “OWF, my skin feels funny.” (Lifts up tee-shirt) What are these?
OWF – “Those are man boobs.”
(I notice most people in the check out line stop their conversations to see what’s next.)
Noah – “What do they do?”
OWF – “Not a whole lot but they can help you find the middle of your chest.”
Noah – “Oh.” (It was clear that he needed a little more than that to satisfy his curiosity.)
OWF – “And they will look really cool when you get a little older, get ripped and head to the beach.”
Noah – “The beach by Disneyland?”(Pulls down his tee shirt, pushes out his chest and begins to wonder about the mystery of the belly-button.)
OWF – “…and that’s where you keep your lint.”
(A few sighs of relief from those in the line which I took as affirmation that the questions were appropriatly addressed.)

It’s nice to able to share your wisdom with the new generation.

17. Cathy - May 27, 2011

Cute story, OBF.

Hope I can do as well if/when I’m a grandy.

18. sohos - May 27, 2011

I want a beer RIGHT NOW

19. Cathy - May 27, 2011

I want a beer RIGHT NOW

Me too Sohos. Been doing yard work today and it’s hot out there.

20. mare - May 27, 2011

That was embarrassing. Add to the very long list of Obama being in over his head.

“Excuse me, I want to make a toast during your National Anthem!” “It’s no problem, because I’m Barack Obama and ah, um, ah I’m a pretty big deal.”

21. Lipstick - May 28, 2011

Mare, regarding the toast, I kept thinking “Frank Drebin”.

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