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Rocket Stove August 26, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Man Laws, Technology.

Public Safety Announcement.

Everybody should have a way to boil water or cook food if your power is off.

Mrs. Geezer and I bought one of these, it works great. We cooked a meal with a handful of sticks.

Bud the Neighbor could have built one for us or we could have made our own out of a few tin cans but the price was right. We bought ours from StockStorage.com for $135, including shipping.

They have a few different models including a Stainless Steel one. I’m thinking about getting another one so we can use two burners at the same time.

YouTube has a bunch of videos on how to make your own.


1. Retired Geezer - August 26, 2011

One obvious benefit to this stove is that you don’t need any fuel other than sticks.
In an emergency, Michael could even burn his Clarinet.

2. Cathy - August 26, 2011


Got a couple of #10 cans in the garage that I’ve held on to. It’s spooky, because I held on to them thinking I wanted to have them around to make “buddy burners” which I learned how to make when I was a Girl Scouts in the early 60s.

This is much better. Wow!

Gotta have.

*making more jerky today*

Thanks, Geez and Mrs. Geez.

3. Cathy - August 26, 2011

btw… not getting all apocalypse-crazy, but purchased specialty packages of organic, heirloom, non-gmo seeds.

Curious what the rest of you are up to…

4. Retired Geezer - August 26, 2011

Cathy has obviously looked at the DIY rocket stove YT videos, using a #10 can and 3 soup cans.
I liked the one using a bunch of bricks.

5. Cathy - August 26, 2011

Geezer, haven’t used my log splitter since we left Ohio.

Woo-hoo! With this thingy, I now gotta new mission!

*grabs Red Dawn from shelf for watching tonight*

6. GrumpyUnk - August 26, 2011

My youngest son built me a rocket stove for Fathers Day. Not one you can cook on or anything like that. No, the damn thing is nearly 5 foot tall and spouts flames out the top like a damn Dragon.

It’s cool as hell to just light up and watch, but I think we’re gonna have to move on to the next prototype.

Or just buy one.
Here’s a couple more to check out –

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