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Jimmy O’Bama October 20, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime.

Another video I stole from the PowerLine guys:



1. Nan G - October 20, 2011

I just read that the ”Misery Index” is now at 13, the highest since 1983.

Jimmy Carter, of course, had it up over 16.
But this index only factors in unemployment (not underemployment or those who quit looking) and an inflation index which EXCLUDES both food and fuel!

What would our real misery index be, I wonder, if those things were factored in?

2. OBF - October 20, 2011

That is spectacular. Thanks for sharing.
This water coming from my eyes…is it tears of joy or trepidation?

3. Lipstick - October 20, 2011

Wow. It’s like he cribbed Carter’s speeches.

Soooper Genius!

4. Retired Geezer - October 20, 2011

Mrs. Geezer just completed a Stained Glass project for a neighborhood Catholic Church.
They are celebrating their 100 year anniversary in 2011.
It’s St. Patrick’s, thus the Shamrocks.


5. BrewFan - October 20, 2011

I put this video on my facechimp to annoy my liberal relatives.

6. TXMarko - October 20, 2011

I was in the Army during the Carter years. It was awful. I pray that the Obama administration ends as quickly as the Carter admin did.

7. TXMarko - October 20, 2011

Geezer, your Bride did a wonderful job on the glass !!

If you zoom in on the pic, the glass sparkles wonderfully !!

8. Retired Geezer - October 21, 2011

If you zoom in on the pic, the glass sparkles wonderfully !!

Thanks, TXM.
Also if you zoom in, you can see a red-tailed hawk on the upper left crossmember of the power pole.

9. OBF - October 21, 2011

Impressive work Ms. Geezer.

Saw a red tail hawk nail a pigeon in mid-flight one day. The pigeon just expolded but still managed to fly away.

Sometimes mother nature can be quite mean.

10. Retired Geezer - October 21, 2011

Last winter I caught a mouse that Spudder the Feral Barn Cat had dropped into the bathtub for some entertainment, it was only slightly injured. I normally hate mice but I guess I was feeling merciful on that day because I took it outside, walked over to the snow-covered field and threw it 20 yards away. It no sooner hit the snow and rolled when a hawk swooped down and snatched it.

Coolest thing ever.

I don’t know if it was one of the Red-Tailed hawks or one of the little Kestrels (sparrow hawks), it all happened so quickly.

11. lauraw - October 21, 2011

Saw a Cooper’s hawk take a Cowbird here years ago when I used to have several different birdfeeders scattered about the yard. Late Winter/ early Spring, the lawn was still yellow.

Cooper’s are incredibly agile for such big birds. He swooped around the corner of the house, scattering the crowd, then smacked the bird he was pursuing (which made an explosion of feathers but regained itself clumsily and still tried to get away), then circled tightly around a tree and hit the runaway bird again, driving it to the ground.

Then he stood there majestically in the yard with a foot on his prize, looking around and apparently catching his breath.


12. Michael - October 21, 2011

Also if you zoom in, you can see a red-tailed hawk on the upper left crossmember of the power pole.

I’ll bet half the population of Finland has now noticed that.

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