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The Real Class Warfare October 31, 2011

Posted by geoff in News.

I liked Spengler’s column today:

Has America become irrational? Not since the 1930s have politics been so polarized, from the Tea Party movement on one side of the spectrum to the Occupy Wall Street protesters on the other. Why does the right object so vehemently to government spending? And why does the left attack private capital with parallel passion? The answer lies not in the American psyche, but in the statistics.

America is engaged in class war, but not of the sort one reads about in the mainstream press. … This is a war of survival between the productive middle class on one hand, and the dependents of the state on the other.

He goes on to note that though federal tax collections have dropped, state and local tax collections have increased, even while state & local budgets continue to run in the red. The middle class is getting squeezed by higher taxes and watching their wealth, largely invested in their homes, shrink.

Meanwhile, members of public unions are enjoying protected wages and very generous pension plans, courtesy of the Dems:

…households that considered themselves comfortably middle class, and looked forward to a comfortable and secure retirement, find themselves on the edge of calamity.

The crisis has called into being a political movement of the exasperated middle class, namely the Tea Party. It has erased the image of the government unions as champions of progressive causes, and exposed them as an “aristocracy of labor” (in Marx’s phrase) parasitizing the public revenue.

…this election will be fought more desperately, and nastily, than any other that comes to mind during the past century. This is an existential struggle, a political war of survival for the American middle class. If the government unions go down in the fight, the Democratic Party of Barack Obama will cease to exist in its present form – and that would be a beneficial outcome for the United States.

These are a few snippets from a longish column filled with tables and charts(!) – it’s worth a read.


1. Retired Geezer - October 31, 2011

Bu, bu, but I thought we were going to be a Post Racial society now, thanks to the most transparent White House ever.

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