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The Latest Appeal From SCOAMF October 17, 2011

Posted by Michael in News, Politics, Pop Culture.

I actually subscribe to our President’s campaign website, just for kicks.

Today, he sent me this urgent appeal:

Friend —

Our campaign is about to hit 1 million grassroots donors.

I wanted to write to you because this is something that only happens once.

No matter what our opponents do, and however many people end up becoming a part of this campaign — this first million will always be the group that put this movement in the best position possible for the fights ahead.

Today, I’m asking you to make a donation and be one of them

When you give, you’re not just becoming one of the first million to help fund this campaign — you’re representing millions more across the country who are counting on us.

None of us can do this alone.

Wait a minute, Barry.  Don’t you have lots of rich friends on Wall Street, and George Soros?

Maybe not.

We’ve always relied on each other, not Washington lobbyists or corporate interests, to build our campaign. So today, another supporter who’s already among the first million has promised to match whatever you can give. I hope you’ll take them up on it:




Man, I have to think this over really hard.  My President is counting on me.  How much money should I give him?  It could be that the hippies who are Occupying Wall Street are already giving him lots of money.  I don’t know.  This is a difficult question.

Maybe you guys can give me some advice.

In the meantime, I’m thinking …

CNN Swings at Perry, Hits President October 15, 2011

Posted by geoff in News.

Where was CNN in 2009? Because today they’re actually trying to do some critical investigation of the impact of economic stimulus plans. The problem is, it’s only Republican stimulus plans that they seem to want to criticize.

In fact, they were so eager to criticize Rick Perry’s plan, that it only took them one day to prepare an article saying that it won’t work. If only they were that spry when it came to the President’s proposals.

So what’s wrong with Perry’s energy plan, which basically involves opening up oil fields and putting a muzzle on the EPA? The Petroleum Institute says that it will create a million jobs within 6 years, so what’s CNN’s problem? First, they say, it’s too slow:

But there’s at least one big problem with Perry’s plan … it could take years for these jobs to materialize, energy and labor experts say.

“It’s not going to be overnight,” said David Dismukes, associate executive director for the Center for Energy Studies at Louisiana State University. “These are big capital-oriented investments. People don’t turn on a dime with these investments.”

Anybody who remembers the phrase “shovel-ready jobs” should start seething right about now. Not to mention that it sounds like the concerns over the capital investments would apply to President Obama’s “Green Economy” as well. In fact, it’s been a year since Steven Chu proudly announced that the White House would be sporting solar panels as an inspiration to the rest of the country. Even that small, high visibility project is “taking longer than expected” (meaning that it hasn’t even begun).

CNN apparently doesn’t see the irony of griping about the speed of job creation, and continues by missing the irony of complaining about the number and longevity of the jobs created:

Another concern is that many of these positions are short-term construction jobs.

“Once the well is drilled, the demand for labor goes away,” said Robert Kaufmann, chair of the Boston University Department of Geography and Environment. “Overall, it’s relatively few jobs.”

Really? “Short-term construction jobs?” Aren’t all of President Obama’s infrastructure improvement jobs in the same category? Hmmmm? And it isn’t true anyway – the American Petroleum Institute projects that wells will continue to be drilled through 2030, and that employment will continue to grow to about 1.4 million extra jobs.

I think it’s important for CNN to take a serious look at candidate’s proposals and identify their weaknesses. But I think it’s ten times more important that they do the same, with even more rigor and skepticism, for a sitting President. Apparently that doesn’t really interest them, so let me help out:

The Real Differences Between Perry’s and Obama’s Plans:

  1. Perry’s plan doesn’t require increased government spending;
  2. Perry’s plan doesn’t require expansion of government oversight;
  3. Perry’s plan is based on current technology, so it doesn’t rely on future technological advancements;
  4. Perry’s plan creates cheap energy, further stimulating the economy (Obama’s approach is to increase energy prices to make Green energy options more attractive); and
  5. Perry’s plan uses a very dependable means of expanding the economy, rather than wishful projections based on Keynesian stimuli.

The bottom line is that Perry’s taxpayer-cost-per-job-created is zero, while Obama’s is running around $250K. That comparison alone would sure make for an interesting article. CNN? Anybody?

Economic Freedom Fail October 13, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Economics.

I stole this video from the PowerLine guys.

It’s Short and Sweet Depressing.

NOPE! October 12, 2011

Posted by skinbad in Art, Ballistics, Economics, Nature Shit.

The next time an African hartebeest knocks you off your bike, take it to see Chuck Testa.


Exactly How Love Songs Are Written October 10, 2011

Posted by Michael in Humor.

As explained in detail be the Axis of Awesome.

I found this without any help from Scott.

Climbing Without Responsibility October 9, 2011

Posted by geoff in News.

While we’re on the topic of climbing, here’s a story of how the nanny state mindset is causing amateur hikers and climbers to make very stupid decisions. Decisions like trying to hike up Half Dome in terrible weather:

While others turned back, Castillo pushed on up the park’s iconic feature, making him one of Yosemite National Park’s worst nightmares— the increasing number of wilderness neophytes who mistakenly think the government is obligated to save them.

Yes, our intrepid hero pressed on despite rain and hail, finally reaching the summit. Whereupon the entirely foreseeable happened:

Free Soloing October 9, 2011

Posted by Michael in News.

Some people are just frickin’ crazy, but in a way that you kind of have to admire.


Thanks to Scott, who might as well take over this site.

Helicopter Acrobatics October 8, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Man Laws, Sex.

Here’s some light entertainment for you.

Y’all probably won’t watch this whole video but you will be amazed by the part you do.

I didn’t even think that Radio Controlled Helicopters could DO this stuff.




Hat Tip: Kelso, the Skydiving Realtor, former Skydiving Elvis and star of Honeymoon in Vegas (Third dot out of the airplane).

email: jumpkelso@aol.com

All Of Me October 7, 2011

Posted by Michael in News.

Not normally a piano fan, but this is extraordinary.

Thanks to Scott (again).

9.1% Unemployment – the New Norm October 7, 2011

Posted by geoff in News.

The unemployment rate for September was released today, and like the previous 2 months, it’s at 9.1%. We’ve been within 0.2 points of 9% since January, sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower, but essentially going nowhere. Just like Tim Geithner predicted 18 months ago:

Click me!

So when the Obama administration tells you things are “unexpected” or “worse than we thought,” remember that they’ve known exactly what would happen for 18 months. And they did nothing. Or at the least, they did nothing useful.

The funny part comes from the Household Survey, which reports that the number of employed people increased by 398K. But the number of people who are working part time due to economic reasons increased by 444K. Kind of swallows up that supposed progress.

The Establishment Survey says we gained 103K jobs. Weak, and not nearly enough to handle the 423K people who entered the workforce last month.

I hate to rain on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s parade, but I’m starting to suspect that President Obama hasn’t turned the economy around.

Getting Shot in Detroit October 6, 2011

Posted by Michael in News.


OK, that’s not working.  Watch it here:


Thanks to Scott for the tip.

President Obama and the Silly Lie October 6, 2011

Posted by geoff in News.

President Obama is known for citing personal stories to support his policies – stories that turn out to be wildly exaggerated or even false. And here we go again:

“I had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz. He’s an English teacher in Boston who came to the White House a few weeks ago. He’s got two decades of teaching experience. He’s got a Master’s Degree. He’s got an outstanding track record of helping his students make huge gains in reading and writing,” the president said.

“In the last few years, he’s received three pink slips because of budget cuts. Why wouldn’t we want to pass a bill that puts somebody like Robert back in the classroom teaching our kids?”

CBS Boston points out that he didn’t really receive “pink slips,” he was a provisional teacher who was automatically terminated after every year. They also point out that he currently has a full-time, permanent position. But they didn’t take note of this:

He told aides to President Obama that others have not been so lucky in finding a job. He did not meet directly with the President.

I guess, upon reflection, that it’s not really a lie. After all, he only said “I had a chance to meet” Robert Baroz. In common usage that means they did meet, but literally it just means he had the chance and blew it off.

So misleading at best, but more likely a trivial, pointless, unnecessary lie. That’s the kind of lie that only habitual liars tell.