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I Never Trusted That Sumbitch Manute Bol November 10, 2011

Posted by skinbad in Crime, Sports.

Shawn Bradley’s bike has been stolen.

He’s 7’6″ tall.

Police Artist Sketch of Suspect

Maybe Shawn should hire this young lady.

For those who don’t know who Shawn Bradley is, this photo pretty well sums up his NBA career:


1. lauraw - November 10, 2011

I saw that guy play once, in Dallas when I was in my 20’s.

He was not fast.

2. daveintexas - November 10, 2011

That’s because he has his own gravity.

3. skinbad - November 10, 2011

I saw him play in high school–when I was in my 20s.


4. Retired Geezer - November 11, 2011

I coached a few youth basketball teams back in the 70’s/80s. My daughter’s team of 10 year-olds was called Sister Slam.

Believe it or not, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson both came to the banquet at our little local gym. I think this was just before their professional careers began.

5. Michael - November 11, 2011

Cazzy Russell used to show up at my gym when I was in junior high school in Ann Arbor. I suppose it was part of his degree program while he was at Michigan. A lot of the jocks majored in Phys. Ed. Mostly, he just practiced his free throws.

6. Mrs. Peel - November 11, 2011

My dad once played pickup three-on-three basketball at the Y against Calvin Murphy and two other then-current Rockets. No lie.

(he lost, of course)

(he also lost very badly to Mark Spitz in the trials that qualify you for the trials that qualify you for the trials that qualify you for the trials that qualify you for the olympics. these are his claims to fame)

7. BrewFan - November 11, 2011

I think Russell was one of the best players ever in the Big Ten. One of the local channels used to have a Big Ten game on every Saturday and I loved when Michigan was on so I would watch him play.

8. skinbad - November 11, 2011

Calvin Murphy was a tough little dude. I never Saw Cazzie Russell play. There’s a basketball-viewing-age demarcation line somewhere between me and the two guys above me in the comments.

9. daveintexas - November 12, 2011

I got arrested when I was 13 for skinny-dippin in an apartment pool with a bunch of other idiot boys and girls. For about 6 months my dad introduced me to people by sayin “meet my son, the midnight Mark Spitz”.

claim to fame

10. OBF - November 12, 2011

No claim to fame here. Waiting for the grandkids to become a household word before pride sets in and I begin to boast.

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