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Good News from the Kitchen November 22, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Food, Man Laws.

This woman is 51…

She is TV health guru Gillian McKeith, advocating a holistic approach to nutrition and health, promoting exercise, a vegetarian diet high in organic fruits and vegetables.
She recommends detox diets, colonic irrigation and supplements.


This woman is also 51…

She is Nigella Lawson a TV cook, who eats meat, butter and desserts.

Any Questions?


1. Retired Geezer - November 22, 2011

Nigella looks like a bacon lover.

OK, I got this in an email so the whole thing could be fake.

2. Retired Geezer - November 22, 2011

Ruh Roh, here’s a little tidbit about “Doctor” McKeith:

… McKeith is a menace to the public understanding of science. She seems to misunderstand not nuances, but the most basic aspects of biology – things that a 14-year-old could put her straight on.

She talks endlessly about chlorophyll, for example: how it’s “high in oxygen” and will “oxygenate your blood” – but chlorophyll will only make oxygen in the presence of light. It’s dark in your intestines, and even if you stuck a searchlight up your bum to prove a point, you probably wouldn’t absorb much oxygen in there, because you don’t have gills in your gut. In fact, neither do fish. In fact, forgive me, but I don’t think you really want oxygen up there, because methane fart gas mixed with oxygen is a potentially explosive combination.

3. Jewel - November 23, 2011

Thank you! I’m 50, and people don’t believe me. I eat and cook with butter and everything nice and tasty, and I have very few wrinkles on my face. Even though that doesn’t make it a pretty face…..I have a good personality, I’m told.

4. kevl - November 23, 2011

Love it! Thank you Geezer.

*mentally preparing for grocery shopping this evening*

5. daveintexas - November 23, 2011

I’m 52. Everybody believes it.

You gonna eat dat bacon?

6. wiserbud - November 23, 2011

heh. I recent;y told this story over at H2:

so, one of the teachers at the music store mentioned that he was a vegetarian tonight.

I said “Really? That’s interesting! So, how does it feel to be sickly all the time?”

He laughed and said “I haven’t had meat in 12 years and I feel great! In fact, how old do you think I am?”

Me: “I dunno…. 34?”

Him: “HA! I’m 32. See? I eat healthy and it’s like I’m not aging.”

Me: “That’s awesome for you! Now, how old do you think I am?”

Him: “Ummm, 41?”

Me: “I’m 51 and I eat meat every single day.”

Him: “…………………. well, you must exercise.”

Me: “Not really. I walk occasionally and play softball once a week, but that’s about it.”

Him: “……… well, you must not drink then….”

Me: “*cough*….. ummmmmmm, no, that’s not exactly true.”

Him: “………..oops, there’s my next student…..”

Me: “okey dokey…”

7. geoff - November 23, 2011

I’m 52. Everybody believes it.

When I was 48, everyone mistook me for 10 years younger. Now that I’m 51, not so much.

8. daveintexas - November 23, 2011

Maybe if I did something with my hair…

9. kevl - November 23, 2011

Nice story Wiser. I eat copious junk food, smoke a little, drink, exercise moderately, and sleep a lot. I look like a young ‘un.

Sleep is the key. Eat whatever you want, but don’t stay up late.

10. Retired Geezer - November 23, 2011

When we moved to the SpudState, I was 62. I got carded a few times at Walmart.
I got carded at a bar and I thought the waitress was kidding.

“Sir, unless you show me some ID, you’ll have to leave”.
She was actually pissed.

Now not so much, but Mrs. Geezer occasionally does.

11. Audrey - November 23, 2011

Makeup people it has to do with Makeup.

12. daveintexas - November 23, 2011

>> but don’t stay up late.

well shit, really?

13. Retired Geezer - November 23, 2011

Makeup people it has to do with Makeup.

*sends DinT a Mary Kay gift certificate*

14. wamk - November 25, 2011

I volunteer to give a “colonic irrigation” to Nigella.


15. xbradtc - November 25, 2011

I think Jewel should post pics or it ain’t true!

16. osoloco - November 25, 2011

I’m 48 and I get carded all the time. The chubby cheeks smooth out the wrinkles.

17. bitchingandgod - January 10, 2012

I love butter ‘n bacon. I save organic fats. Being vegetarian is just plain wrong. We are meant to eat meat. As long as we appreciate the animals I think we are OK.
Funny reading some of the posts. Everyone used to guess me younger than I was until I hit over 50! Ughhh….my shallow vanity betrays me! I still look in the mirror and think I’m hot but then I look at a pic and I’m old : ( I must now find a way to embrace my age. Might let my hair go grey and become the crazy cat lady!

18. Retired Geezer - January 10, 2012

Might let my hair go grey and become the crazy cat lady!

… Lauraw?

19. Anonymous - January 23, 2012

Yes but the picture of Nigella is corrected and brushed and she s got tons of make up and a private hairdresser and a stylist for the occasion. Not defending the other woman who seems slightly extreme. But let’s be honest Nigella probably has blocked arteries or doesn’t cook like she preaches!

20. wiserbud - January 23, 2012

Yes but the picture of Nigella is corrected…

Well, to borrow a quote from one of the classiest Presidents this country has ever been lucky enough to have as a leader,

“Yannow, you can … uhh… put lipstick on your lips….ummm… I mean.. a pig with lipstick is….uhhhh hold on a minute.,..hold on a minute …uuuhhh….. you’re getting me ….ummmm…. you can take lipstick to a pig and … uhhh…. put it on the pig , and that’s all well and good…. uuummmm…. yannow…if you want a pig uhhh umm a pig with lipstick…. but that’s not ummm yannow… uhh not what I think we should do…. uuuhh…. yannow… uhhh for America!”

Thank you.

21. Dee E - January 28, 2012

I’ve seen Nigella in person without make-up and Gillian with a full face of it on and Nigella still looked over 20 years younger and 20 times better than Gillian.

22. julie - May 3, 2012

I have to comment- as I always do when I see this shared. McKeith got into macrobiotic eating because she has severe, lifelong health issues and a form of scoliosis that is crushing her organs, and is basically killing her. She looks like this because she would otherwise be dead. And, of course, this is an awful picture. I appreciate the whole “enjoy food” idea, and Nigella is stunning, but I find this one viral comparison unfair. Sincerely, The Mom of a Girl with Scoliosis who has seen this woman make a difference. 🙂

23. cynthia rowland - May 23, 2012

Do you suppose this is true? I have a friend that I call “The Baroness”. She is absolutely gorgeous and her favorite food? Butter! Butter in everything!!! And, she, too, drinks red wine! Wowee Zowee! Jackie Silver, AgingBackwards.com guru looks years younger, too, and tells herself and visualizes herself as impervious. Maybe we need those fats, butters and protein…

24. david - June 13, 2013

BS. I know if I see a 51 year old woman and the one at the bottom IS NOT a 51 year old. Much more close to late 30’s to be exact.

The woman at the top looks more to be late 50’s and there’s way how she can look so dried and used if she’s an advocate of all things health.

25. geoff - June 13, 2013

BS. I know if I see a 51 year old woman

Apparently you don’t.

26. daveintexas - June 13, 2013

unclear on the concept

27. Sobek - June 13, 2013

If the data don’t fit the theory, the data must be wrong.

28. Doom - December 17, 2013

Way to funny. Of course, when I saw that photo, I first thought… How did Ann Coulter turn 75 overnight.

Now, Nigella? My kind of gal, in more ways than one. All I’m saying there.

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