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“Climate Change” Does Some Good! The California Murre Returns To Prince Island!!! December 20, 2011

Posted by Michael in News.

I figure, if the AGW alarmists are going to blame CO2 for the perilous condition of polar bears (which is not actually happening), we energy consumers should take credit for good news.

Murres indicating nesting behavior, after a long absence from this island

“This is an exciting finding — certainly a historic one,” said Josh Adams, a seabird ecologist with the USGS Western Ecological Research Center. “The murres appear to have reestablished their former southern range, perhaps benefiting from present ocean conditions.”  [COLD FRICKIN’ WATER!]

“Conditions in the Santa Barbara Channel have been exceptionally productive during the past decade,” Adams said in a statement. “Although many factors affect population redistribution and recovery, no doubt the murres at Prince Island are benefiting from relatively cool summertime waters, increased ocean productivity, and changes in forage-fish availability.”

[Emphasis added.]

via Seabirds’ Return Surprises Scientists | California Common Murre, Endangered & Threatened Species, Seabird Species | LiveScience.


1. Michael - December 20, 2011

Hey, WordPress just congratulated me on my 1,800th post. Cool feature.

2. Michael - December 20, 2011

I’m turning my thermostats up right now. For the murres.

3. BrewFan - December 20, 2011

I’ve always said murre is better

4. TXMarko - December 20, 2011

1800, huh?

Sounds like time to enjoy some Cuervo1800 ?

5. skinbad - December 20, 2011

murres eat oats . . . .

6. Spad13 - December 20, 2011

No I’m pretty sure they eat fish.

7. MCPO Airdale - December 20, 2011

Does eat oats and mares eat oats, but little lambs eat ivy. . .

8. Retired Geezer - December 20, 2011

A kiddle eat ivy too… wouldn’t you?

9. osoloco - December 20, 2011

Marzy dotes makes me think of my grandfather. He would always sing it to me.

10. Retired Geezer - December 21, 2011

I sing songs to my grandchildren.

Led Zeppelin… ZZ Top… Kenny G

Good Times.

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