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For Harrison May 17, 2012

Posted by daveintexas in Honor, Love.

May 17, 2012.  I’m pretty much gonna hate this date from now on.

Our friend Harrison lost his fight with cancer this morning.

There is so much more to say, but I can barely get anything out right now.  He was a sweet, funny guy.  He was also a rakishly handsome guy.  I nicknamed him Newman cause he looked like Paul Newman, but I played it like he was the dork Newman on Seinfeld.  I’d say “Hello, Newman” and he’d always give me the “Hello Jerry” like we were mortal enemies instead of friends.

Dear God, I’m gonna miss than banter.

He and I met commenting at Ace’s.  Trading jokes back and forth.  Riffing on stuff like that, he was a great riffer. We both liked the idea of “a running joke.”

Later we met up at The Splitters (here, IB) and I made him a marker in our timeline, the “classic” video I did about IB, except I fucked up and messed up where he lived (I threw him in with the Ohi-yo-yans).

For better than 7 years we laughed, and joked around in comments, and just had fun.

I met him in Connecticut, finally, at a Moron gathering (the one where I slipped and fell into Long Island Sound).  We stayed up that night in a light misty rain out on the deck of the bar at that hotel, a half dozen of us. Smokin cigars and gettin generally trashed, talking about politics and life. I also saw him last year in DC at another get together. He had been dealing with his cancer for over a year by then, he had his hair back, growin his beard.  He looked great, and he was telling me about how much they were doing for him at GWU. I really thought, “ok, they got it. He’s got a shot now.”

When he had to head home that Friday night, we hugged each other, told each other how glad we were to be able to see each other again. I want to keep that memory close, it’s the best one ever.

That’s the one I want to keep. His big goofy smile, his friendship, and the hug.

Goodbye Newman.  You were a good man, a good friend, and I loved you.

Tired of Our Henny Youngman President May 16, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

I know that other Presidents have told jokes in speeches and at official functions, but I don’t recall any President delivering stand-up routines with the frequency and enthusiasm of Barack Obama. Last night he was at it again:

It was supposed to be a thank you for winning the Major League Soccer Championship.

But David Beckham’s trip to the White House turned into an unexpected comedy roast – at the hands of Barack Obama.

The U.S. President mocked Mr Beckham for being over the hill and said that at the age 37 ‘half his teammates could be his kids.’

Unfortunately he is neither a good President nor a funny comedian. Perhaps he should stick to failing at only one thing.

1,111 May 15, 2012

Posted by Michael in News.
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That’s how long ago that the Senate majority brought a budget to the floor.

I’m Sexy and I Know It May 15, 2012

Posted by Retired Geezer in Music.

I’m not even familiar with this song. Oops, my Geezerhood is showing.
This kid has a great voice, who would you compare him to?

Obama’s Ex-Doctor Crosses the Line May 13, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

Human Events talks about Edward Klein’s interview with Obama’s former doctor:

In a revealing new book, The Amateur, author Edward Klein interviews President Barack Obama’s physician, Dr. David Scheiner, MD, who blasts the president’s health care plan and says that President Obama has an “academic detachment” that he could never break through.

“I think there is too much of the University of Chicago in him. By which I mean he’s academic, lacks passion and feeling, and doesn’t have the sense of humanity that I expected.”

Ummmm…. isn’t there supposed to be some sort of confidentiality between doctor and patient? Like where you can speak freely with your doctor and not feel like he’s going to broadcast your personal traits all over the world? I know this isn’t medical information, but still.

Ironically, the article then says:

The point that Scheiner was trying to make is that President Obama lacks the ability to understand the critical role of the doctor to patient interaction just as he fails to connect to people personally.

Yeah, well, a key part of that doctor to patient interaction is trust. It’s easy to see why the President might not appreciate that interaction as much as he would have if his former personal physician wasn’t trying to stab him in the back.

There are plenty of reasons that this President should never again hold public office at any level. We don’t need to stoop this low.

Stronger May 13, 2012

Posted by Retired Geezer in Heroes.

A video featuring cancer-stricken children, their nurses, doctors and parents lip-synching and dancing to the popular Kelly Clarkson song “Stronger” has become an online sensation.

Clarkson, in her own video message to the children at Seattle Children’s Hospital, said it was “amazing.”

What Real Men Look Like May 12, 2012

Posted by Michael in News.

Birds of a Feather May 11, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.
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I don’t read the Swampland Blog at Times’ web site much, but today I saw this:

Didn’t think they were so obvious as to declare HuffPo and Slate their “Partners.”

President Eats Dog, Creates Doggerel May 11, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

How did I miss this? Apparently our President once fancied himself a poet:

Moments trip gently along over here.
Snow caps the bushes in unexpected ways,
birds shoot and spin like balls of sound.
My feet hum over the dry walks.
A storm smooths the sky,
impounding the city lights,
returning to us a dull yellow glow.

That ought to take some of the heat off of laura.

About That Mitt Romney High School Bullying Incident May 10, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

I don’t know what really happened there, but I will say this: in 1965, the social norm for bullying, tolerance of deviation in dress or hair, and treatment of homosexuals was a far cry from what it is today. Judging that high school boy of nearly 50 years ago by today’s enlightened standards is ridiculous.

The Awesome Power of Curry May 8, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

Curry comes to the rescue of cancer patients:

A chemical found in curry is to be tested for its ability to kill bowel cancer tumours in patients.

Curcumin, which is found in the spice turmeric, has been linked to a range of health benefits.

Studies have already shown that it can beat cancer cells grown in a laboratory and benefits have been suggested in stroke and dementia patients as well.

Capitalism Ain’t for the Soft and Weak May 5, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

Hot Air had a post yesterday with a video of Sean Hannity interviewing some Occupy weanie. It was not a great interview in terms of coherence or information, but we are able to glean that the Occupier’s big beef with capitalism is that it’s not working for his generation. I.e., he and his buds can’t get a job.

Now, that’s stupid from the start, since his inability to find employment has nothing to do with the merits of capitalism. Particularly in an environment where businesses are saying that they can’t hire because they can’t predict the costs of health care or future regulations, and where the skill sets of Occuweanie’s generation don’t match up to what businesses need. It was also funny that he was whining about unemployment, but was just thinking about getting started to maybe look for a job.

But I, for once, don’t want to talk about unemployment. I want to talk about his perception of capitalism.

There is one truth of capitalism that appears to have completely eluded the Occuwhiners. It is this:

Capitalism is hard.

It is hard to start a business. It is hard to grow a business. It is hard to run a business. Success is never guaranteed. And if you take your eye off the ball for even a second, you can lose everything.