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Choose Your Car Color Wisely June 22, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

Turns out that certain colors may make you a target for The Birds:

A recent study into bird behavior suggests that red cars are at the highest danger for being a target for defecating avians.

In the study, conducted in June 2012 for online retailer Halfords on 1,140 cars in the U.K., a full 18% of all the red cars tested wound up being the target of a bird bathroom break. Blue cars were almost as targeted, at 14%. Rounding out the study, 11% of black cars, 7% of white cars, 3% of gray cars, and 1% of green cars were all fated to the carwash by the foul acts of wayward birds.

Perhaps our clothing colors should be considered as well. *Runs out to buy red t-shirts for all the IB guys*


1. Anonymous - June 23, 2012

Tough break for you red heads out there. Hard to tan and a bull’s eye under your chapeau.

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