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Some Good News & Some Bad News August 22, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

First the good news:

Two University of Colorado professors have devised a model to predict who will win the presidential election under current economic circumstances.

The victor, they say, will be Republican Mitt Romney.

The model uses economic indicators from all 50 states to predict the race’s outcome. The forecast calls for Romney to win 320 electoral votes out of 538.

It says Romney will also win virtually every state currently considered a swing state, including Colorado.

The professors who created the model, Ken Bickers from CU-Boulder and Michael Berry from CU-Denver, say it correctly forecast every winner of the electoral since 1980.


But there’s bad news as well:

Salt shakers are getting the heave-ho at Boston Market.

The casual-dining chain, best-known for its spinning chicken rotisseries and its tasty but often-salty side dishes, is announcing plans today to remove salt shakers from guest tables at all 476 locations.

It’s one thing to cut down sodium in the food you sell, but entirely another to inconvenience customers who want to season their food to taste. Thanks, Nanny-State!! [Salt will still be available at the beverage stations, BTW.]


1. skinbad - August 22, 2012

All things considered, I would accept the good with the bad on this one.

2. Michael - August 22, 2012

Boston Market is a good place. Their business model was creative — they cut costs to the bone by not making anything to order, like a burger. They just serve what they can prepare in advance in bulk, like meatloaf or fried chicken, and they have the data to control the inventory. It’s basically a buffet.

Now grocery stores are doing the same thing. My Tom Thumb grocery store has a “Signature Cafe” area, which is sort of a combination of Boston Market and a delicatessen.

3. Michael - August 22, 2012

In retrospect, I suppose it was inevitable that grocery stores would get into the restaurant business. They have to differentiate themselves from Wall-Mart, who will always beat them for a few pennies on price.

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