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Stephanie Cutter: A Complete Stranger to Truth August 22, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

Stephanie Cutter tries her hand at Obamafuscation, saying:

…and seeing the president moving pretty quickly to stem the losses, to turn the economy around, and over the past, you know, 27 months we’ve created 4.5 million private sector jobs. That’s more jobs than in the Bush recovery, in the Reagan recovery…

So let’s just see, by several measures, who created more private sector jobs (data from the BLS Establishment Survey, seasonally adjusted):

Reagan Obama
Since Inauguration
1st Month of Office 74,617,000 110,985,000
Current Month in Office 78,601,000 111,317,000
Jobs Created 3,984,000 332,000
Since Lowest Point
Low Point of Employment 72,775,000 106,773,000
Current Month in Office 78,601,000 111,317,000
Jobs Created 5,826,000 4,544,000
Past 27 Months
27 Months Ago 74,131,000 107,107,000
Current Month in Office 78,601,000 111,317,000
Jobs Created 4,470,000 4,210,000

Advantage overwhelmingly Reagan, even for Ms. Cutter’s cherry-picked time period.

But it’s even worse, because as you can see, the employment numbers today are 50% larger than they were in Reagan’s time. Our population and economy have grown to the point where 4 million jobs created during Reagan’s administration would be equivalent to 6 million jobs today.

Her facts are wrong, and the comparison was ridiculous from the start. She definitely belongs with this administration.


1. geoff - August 22, 2012

Didn’t mean to write another post today (or any, for that matter), but I saw this and it pissed me off.

2. lauraw - August 22, 2012

Do you remember the lying, the outright telling of easily disproven falsehoods, being this bad, before this president?

I mean, they’re actually, literally, telling us not to believe our lyin’ eyes.

It’s fucking outrageous. If he’s so wildly successful at adding all these jobs, why is unemployment still over 8%??

3. daveintexas - August 22, 2012

not “easily disproven” no. I think the lyin was always there. Now it’s just “tell the lie”.

Of course, they get so much help from a media that won’t challenge them. These days it’s “how big a lie can you tell before even they won’t carry your water for you?”

4. geoff - August 22, 2012

I didn’t even get into the quality of the jobs. Somewhere between 3/4 and 1 million of Obama’s jobs are part-time jobs beyond what you would project from the Reagan days.

5. skinbad - August 22, 2012

That’s a really pretty table.

6. sandy burger - August 22, 2012

Didn’t mean to write another post today

Keep ’em coming! The ratio of content to Rolling In The Deep covers needs all the help it can get.

7. geoff - August 22, 2012

That’s a really pretty table.

*bats eyes*

What? That old thing?

8. skinbad - August 23, 2012

You had me at

9. skinbad - August 23, 2012

10. skinbad - August 23, 2012

“Jokes that don’t show up aren’t worth the effort.”
(SJS, 3rd, rev. ed., for Kindle)

11. Michael - August 23, 2012

I had to look up Stephanie Cutter.

She’s hot. Check her out on google images.

Plus she’s a lawyer, so you can’t really blame her for skewing the facts a little.

Plus, she’s hot.

12. lauraw - August 23, 2012
13. daveintexas - August 23, 2012

Kind of similar to Ike’s prepared message had the landings at Normandy failed.

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