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How Eco-tarded is Barack Obama? September 28, 2012

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In this post, I will unfavorably compare Obama with Jimmy Carter.  Considering the cost of gas, the sacking of our embassies in the Middle East, the screwed up US economy, and the general feeling of malaise over the country, I think we’re ready to see Zombie Reagan crawl out of his grave any day now.

The following is from Salim Yaqub, Professor of American and International History at University of Chicago, in a lecture series called “The United States and the Middle East: 1914 to 9/11.”

There were two main ways that the United States could try to lessen its dependence on Middle Eastern oil.  First, it could seek out alternative, non-Middle Eastern sources of oil.  Second, it could try to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels altogether.

Carter pursued both approaches simultaneously, though he was convinced that the latter course was ultimately the more promising way to go.  Decreasing the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels could itself be broken down into two main categories: increasing fuel efficiency and seeking alternative sources of energy.  Carter tried to get Congress to pass a comprehensive energy bill that promoted these options, such as by imposing stiffer tax penalties on cars that use too much gas, and giving tax relief and subsidies to industries developing alternative energy sources.  But due to the growing influence in Congress of conservative politicians, who, like their counterparts of today, believed that the answer to their problem lay in drilling for new oil reserves, not in conservation, and due to Carter’s own lack of political skill, Congress either ignored Carter’s initiatives, or enacted them in gutted form.

Opposition to Carter’s energy proposals came also from environmentalists, who were alarmed by Carter’s insistence on building nuclear power plants to serve as a source of energy.  Environmentalists warned that nuclear accidents might occur, and that there was no safe way to dispose of nuclear waste.  Carter, who as a young naval officer had served aboard a nuclear submarine, considered himself an expert in this area, and he dismissed the environmentalists as ignorant Luddites.

Energy prices threatened by instability in the Middle East (and especially Egypt [1973] and Iran [1979])?  Check.  Trying to tax cars that the government doesn’t like?  Check.  Subsidizing otherwise uncompetitive energy industries?  Check.  Ignoring “Drill Here Drill Now” in Congress?  Check.  The President sucks too much to get Congress to agree, or even pay any attention to him?  Check.

But unlike Obama, Carter wasn’t so ideologically committed to a green agenda that he threatened to bankrupt energy industries such as coal, and unlike Obama, Carter didn’t actively interfere with domestic energy production.

One thing Obama has going for him, vis-a-vis Carter, is that in 1979, every news network in the country started their broadcasts by reminding Americans that our citizens were being held hostage in Iran.  By show of hands, how many of you think our media today would hurt Obama by doing that?

Below the fold: Hard-Core Pornography!


For The Fallen September 27, 2012

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And their loved ones.


We have paid a terrible price.



To fallen soldiers let us sing,
Where no rockets fly nor bullets wing,
Our broken brothers let us bring
To the Mansions of the Lord

No more weeping,
No more fight,
No friends bleeding through the night,
Just Devine embrace,
Eternal light,
In the Mansions of the Lord

Where no mothers cry
And no children weep,
We shall stand and guard
Though the angels sleep,
Oh, through the ages let us keep
The Mansions of the Lord



Two Deputies Shot in Child Porn Case September 26, 2012

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CP busts are some of the most dangerous things our law enforcement guys can do. If you arrest a gang member, it’s just a bump in the road at worst – sometimes it’s more of a career-enhancer than anything – and anyway, they’ve often as not been through the jail system before.

But CP guys know it’s all over, so they’re more inclined to do something awful when the cops come.  Like shoot two San Diego County deputies before turning the gun on himself.

Libertarians sometimes complain about the militarization of the police.  Although I understand where they’re coming from, I think they have a too-naive attitude about the dangers that cops can face out there.

Slander September 25, 2012

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“The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander Islam.”

Our President said that, the guy who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.  If there were reporters in America, one of them could ask, “Mr. President, you accused that Muhammad movie guy of slandering the prophet.  What about the movie was false, in your opinion?”

Defamation is the publication to a third party of false and defamatory material about the defamed party.  (In American law, you can’t defame the dead, but let’s ignore that part for now).  So if Mr. Bacile slandered Muhammad, there must be something false in that movie, yes?  What does Obama think is false about it?  I’ve spent the last week reading how it’s vile, offensive, distasteful, awful, and is poorly made, but I haven’t read a single argument that anything in there is false.

I’d love to hear Obama’s answer to that question, if only there were reporters to ask him questions.


Larry the Flag Man September 25, 2012

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Eye Candy September 25, 2012

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Never Thought I’d See This Headline from the MSM September 24, 2012

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You go, CBS:

For Obama, diplomacy gets back seat to campaign

…unlike years past, the president will not be sitting down with any of the more than 120 world leaders who are here in New York.

Simply put, the White House is prioritizing the president’s reelection effort. Most heads of state will be here all week, but the president will be in New York less than 24 hours, and even then will spend most of his time away from this conference.

After landing in New York Monday afternoon, the president headed straight for a sit-down — not with visiting leaders, but with the ladies of “The View,” for an interview to air tomorrow.

Watch the Skies . . . . September 20, 2012

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pigs may be flying. Someone figured out how to make soccer interesting and enjoyable for me.


Since It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day… September 19, 2012

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Here’s a sampling of the comments from five years ago:

14. daveintexasSeptember 19, 2007 [Edit]

Arrrghhhh ye scurvy bilge rats, hoist me jib up high n tight, and give em a blast with the twelve pounder!!! Arrrrrr

 15. kevlarchick – September 19, 2007 [Edit]

This saucy wench prefers a blast from the long nines.

 16. daveintexasSeptember 19, 2007 [Edit]

Arrrr, I’ll be in me bunk mateys.

 17. MichaelSeptember 19, 2007 [Edit]

Arrr, I didn’t make it to me bunk.

Man the bilge pumps!

What You Do Next September 18, 2012

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In response to my my three, somewhat negative posts, Kevlar Chick said, “Your next post needs to detail what I do next: a weapons bunker or a run on duct tape.”  To which Dave sagely responded she should get a shotgun and some ice cream.  And while I defer to Dave’s wisdom, I’d like to expand on that a bit, and talk about three possible answers to what you should do next, involving the Political, the Pragmatic, and the Philosophical.


Holy Shit September 15, 2012

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Blasphemy against Islam is now a crime in America.


Not that we weren’t warned:

“When I became the Nasa administrator, he [Obama the Treasonous] charged me with three things.

“… third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.”

I bet they feel pretty damn good about themselves right now.  They’ve brought the mightiest nation in the world to cower in fear before their murder-cult.


And in June, 2009:

“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

Well done, sir.  You’ve certainly reinforced my belief that Muslims are murder-crazed savages who can and will threaten your pathetic ass into making insulting Muhammad a crime against the U.S. Constitution.


Let’s ask Margaret Thatcher what she thinks about all this nonsense:

We had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands. We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty.

What the Muslims did to America with this:

Is nowhere near as dangerous to our country as what Obama did to America with this:

The brown shirts are a nice touch.


I had forgotten about this one.  You know how Obama likes to sue States for trying to create jobs or enforce immigration laws?  I never heard about him suing Dearborn when it outlawed the First Amendment in cases that Muslims don’t like.  That’s kinda weird, huh?  President Lady’s Tee knows how to send in the lawyers, but chose not to do so when the First Amendment was threatened.

Coming Soon:

Soon to be mandatory viewing in our public schools:

The government will edit out the sarcasm, of course.  For our own good.


It has long been Obama’s policy to decline to prosecute Muslims who fundraise for terrorism.

How Marxist is Barack Obama? September 15, 2012

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Would you believe “more Marxist than Lenin”?  Because that’s what I’m about to argue.  There may or may not be a picture of a giraffe involved.  Who can possibly say, in this crazy, mixed-up world?