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Since I Don’t Have Anything, I Turn to Those Who Do September 12, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

Some interesting posts from blogs spawned from AoSHQ:

DoublePlusUndead: AliceH brings up a good point with regards to the Chicago school closures.

The Hostages: Phat sez: “…all I can say is to check Drudge in the AM. More to follow. Shit may be getting Real.”

NiceDeb: Judicial Committee Holding a Hearing Wednesday on Obama’s Serial Abuses of Power

Bring the Heat: We didn’t have a 9/11 memorial post here, but surveying the web, I thought this photograph posted by Roamy was more poignant than any of the written tributes.

S. Weasel has a mammogram, NHS style.

…and one non-Ace blog:

The always interesting Ironman at Political Calculations explains the August unemployment report. [Doubly recommended ‘cuz he’s got graphs!]


1. phat - September 12, 2012

My ENTIRE world the last 4 days has been getting this dead terrorist back to Yemen. It sucks.

But, things in the Med are about to get very interesting.

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