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Obamafail: Export Much? October 29, 2012

Posted by geoff in News.

Last January the NYT was pumping up Obama’s economic performance by claiming that his 2010 promise to double exports in 5 years was on the mark:

Two years ago, President Obama popped a surprise into his State of the Union address: His administration would double American exports in five years, helping to create two million jobs.

Two years later, the administration is on track — for now — to meet its ambitious goal.

Weeellll, 10 months after that article, it appears that the administration is in a leetle trouble:

That last 18 months? That’s the part where exports only increased by 4.5%. And we had the same export level in October 2011 that we did last month – no progress at all.

Just another promise by a man who has no idea of what he’s promising.


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