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The French Revolution, Penthouse, African-American Firsts, and Mormons November 6, 2012

Posted by skinbad in History, Politics.

I’ve been reading tea leaves and entrails (and let me tell you, I’m not going back to Denny’s any time soon ) and I realized today I’ve seen this act before. Join me in the Way Back Machine for a trip to 1984.

There was a different campaign of Hope, Change, and Nipple Covers in the air and Vanessa Williams proved to the world once and for all that American horndogs appreciate beautiful women no matter their chromatic hue as she became the first African-American woman to win the Miss America pageant.

Of course students of history know that compromising photographs of our new Miss America appeared in Penthouse magazine and she had to give up her crown and live the rest of her life in shame and ignominy. I hope she turned out OK and was able to make a living somehow.

So what happened the next year? For 1985, The Miss America Pageant needed a winner that was beyond the taint of scandal. Well who ya gonna call? The Mormon girl from Utah–harp playin’, one-piece swim suit wearin’ Sharlene Wells–that’s who.

I’m a little uncomfortable with a neckline this low. Is this really necessary?

The parallels seem so obvious now. The country was mostly behind President Obama as he took power. Only later, when bi-curious photos of him entangled with the politics of Castro and Chavez began to turn up did the voters begin to back away. This is the French Revolution connection to the post. A Thermidorian Reaction was a specific negative political response to the excesses of the revolution. In a general sense, it can mean “the phase in some revolutions when power slips from the hands of the original revolutionary leadership and a radical regime is replaced by a more conservative regime, sometimes to the point where the political pendulum may swing back towards something resembling a pre-revolutionary state.”

Mitt Romney is our Sharlene Wells (good teeth, nice hair, 80s eyebrows) for today’s troubled times–a choice which may well prove as monumental as the 1985 Miss America Pageant. Remember, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeatedly google for vanessa williams magazine pictures 1984. Or something to that effect. I hope I’m right.


1. BrewFan - November 6, 2012

I like lobster thermidorian

2. Pupster - November 6, 2012

His midochlorians are off the charts.

3. Retired Geezer - November 6, 2012

Dang, for a second I thought it was a photo of that Texas gal who blogged here at IB for a bit.
RWS, I always liked her.

4. geoff - November 6, 2012

Yeah – she’s still blogging. She left the AoSHQ circle during the 2008 election when everybody dumped on her about McCain.

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