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Portal: No Escape November 18, 2012

Posted by Retired Geezer in Entertainment, Movies, Technology.

Portal is a breakthrough videogame unlike any that preceded it. The premise was that you had a ‘Portal Gun’ that created two different ‘ teleportation gates’. When you entered one, you came out the other one. You used the portals to solve platform escape puzzles. It’s a pretty fun game for all ages.
Here’s the Wiki:

I have no idea if there is a movie in the works but I just saw this video on YouTube.
It looks excellent.


1. Retired Geezer - November 18, 2012

Oh, I almost forgot. The Cake is a Lie.

2. Jewel - November 18, 2012

A very delicious lie, Geezer!

3. digitalbrownshirt - November 19, 2012

Portal is on the list of old games I know I should try, but have never gotten around to playing. Oblivion was on the list, but I finally played it this year. I need to take another shot at Half-Life too. I got stuck at an early level and gave up. I think my skill set is better now.

4. digitalbrownshirt - November 19, 2012

We should have a gamer thread of our own. I know there’s a few of us here on a regular basis and God knows we could use an escape from the the reality of November.

I went to my first LAN party the other night. A friend of mine hosted a bunch of us playing the new Black Ops. I was the oldest player by about 15 years, but had a good time with the kids anyway. The difference in response time between them and I was amazing. On XBL I’m probably a better than average player, but on a LAN with just 8 players I could barely stay off the bottom of the scorelist. I mentioned to one kid that I’m surprised I’ve done so badly considering how I normally play on XBL and he in typical teen dumbness said “Maybe the guys you played sucked?” I kind of wanted to step on him, but the future is dark enough for the kid.

The funny part is my 24 year old who’s got more combat experience than anybody in the room usually did worse than I did. He’s more of Halo kind of guy.

5. Retired Geezer - November 20, 2012

I’ve been playing BO2 a lot recently. I suck pretty bad but I’ve been playing with my friends who are pretty good. I just camp some place that is easily defensible. Even doing that, my K/D ratio is usually upside down. I think I’m level 45. I’m trying to improve my odds with a good choice of perks/equipment. Brewfan is a lot better than I am. I know this from watching films of games that we have played together.

Favorite weapon is the suppressed LMG with FMJ, it puts out enough firepower that I can usually get a few hits on target while jerking it around.
Perks usually include Dead Silence, Lightweight, Cold Blooded and any stealth helps, I can obtain.
Confession: If it weren’t for Bouncing Betty’s, my K/D ratio would be much worse.

I guess we’re going to get together on Black Friday so you guys can laugh at my struggles help me get more XP.

6. Pupster - November 20, 2012

I stopped playing video games when my kids started kicking my ass all over virtual reality. I was never much of an online player. Boy 2 is really into Team Fortress, but neither are into CoD anymore.

7. digitalbrownshirt - November 20, 2012

I’d be good for late Friday (around 10pm cst).

I got up to prestige 1, level 20 playing Saturday morning. I got back online Monday morning and I was back to level 37. My entire weekend of double xp was erased, dropping me 38 levels. The funny part is I still have the achievement for prestiging along with all the attachments that I opened, I just don’t have the rank. All of my calling cards were marked “new” too.

I think Treyarch stepped on their dorks when they pulled the Nuketown only option from the maps. They advertised it as “Nuketown 24/7. We never close.” The map option actually lasted less than 7 days. A company that makes $500 million in sales and uses false advertising is a prime candidate for a lawsuit.

It’s now part of a moshpit rotation of “small” maps, most of which would be considered medium/large on earlier COD’s. They might as well of put it into the regular rotation.

8. digitalbrownshirt - November 20, 2012

Pupster: CoD is what got me back into playing them. I was never a hardcore gamer until I saw the beauty of CoD on the 360 displayed at the local Walmart. It looked so amazing to me that I actually decided right then and there that I would have to get a 360, the first system that I’d bought for myself since the Turbogafx 16 I owned in the early 90’s.

The kids can destory me in Halo, but I’m at least as good as they are at CoD.

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