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Elevator Practical Joke December 3, 2012

Posted by Retired Geezer in Economics, Religion.

What would you do?

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1. Mitchell - December 3, 2012

Ha! Little girls are creepy.

2. Pupster - December 3, 2012

I would have been the most scared when the elevator lights went off. I’ve been on too many construction sites where the architects and engineers were copy/paste idiots, and I’ve met many, many elevator mechanics and technicians.


3. skinbad - December 3, 2012

I don’t think I would freak out. I disappoint my kids when they try to surprise/scare me. But, who knows? I think they’re fortunate someone didn’t take a swing at her.

4. Retired Geezer - December 3, 2012

My guess is that it wasn’t even a real elevator. Maybe it was supported on springs or something so it had that elevator feel.

My mind works that way.

5. OBF - December 3, 2012

I would have liked to see the people after the prank was explained. That might be when the fists began to fly.

6. sandy burger - December 3, 2012

I think they’re fortunate someone didn’t take a swing at her.

Or throw something at her. Or drive a wooden stake through her heart.

Pretty funny prank, but it did stress me out to see a little child so close to a terrified adult.

7. lauraw - December 4, 2012

What I said to a tipster in email on this very subject:

I’m a profound physical coward, but not when my adversary is a six year old girl and I have a doll to beat her with.

8. skinbad - December 4, 2012

Or to shove down her throat when she screams at me.

9. daveintexas - December 4, 2012

Yeah. I’ve seen badly scared men get pretty violent when “survive” kicks in.

10. Mitchell - December 4, 2012

Come on, nobody’s gonna attack a ghost! That’s just crazy talk.

11. lauraw - December 4, 2012

That’s probably true. Most people would be unlikely to try to physically touch anything that was creeping them out in that particular way. On a gut level I imagine it would be more like, ‘get it away from me, entirely,’ and not ‘attack!’

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