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Samantha the Sheepdog Encounters Snow for the First Time December 9, 2012

Posted by wintersetruss in Man Laws, Nature Shit, Personal Experiences.
Mo' Money (in pajamas) takes Samantha out to play in snow

Mo’ Money (in pajamas) takes Samantha out to play in snow


  We woke up this morning to a surprise – SNOW!  Thank God I got my deer last weekend before the weather turned.


  Moses got out of bed, threw on his coat & shoes, and took our 4-month old Great Pyrenees sheepdog puppy out to enjoy her first snow expeerience.


  Last time I joked about how Sam is going to catch Moses in size.  As of a week ago last thursday, the score was Moses 43 pounds, Samantha 33 pounds (up 8 pounds in 3 weeks).  I told him that he’d better start doubling up on biscuits & gravy if he wants to stay ahead of the eating monster who lives in our house now.  Yesterday I took Moses AND Samantha to Des Moines to do some early Christmas shopping while Mommy worked on some projects.  On the way home, Mo said “I think we should start calling Sam “Fuzzball” Daddy”.  I told him that he should call her that when she does something she’s not supposed to do.  Sort of like how Mommy uses his first, middle AND last names when he’s in trouble.


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