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Trouble January 2, 2013

Posted by Michael in Music.

I think they wrote this about the debt ceiling.


1. OBF - January 2, 2013

Screwed again! At what point does working for a living cease to be of any value?

So…if we figure out how much we spend as a country…couldn’t congress just say this is how much revenue we need to cover our costs (every year) and we’ll tax everyone until we get all the money we need to pay for all the stuff we buy? I’m pretty sure they, congress, could do that (take all the money they need) although it might make them a little more honest as to how much they are really spending.

For now we just spend and borrow to spend more and expect some other generation to pay for the stuff like alge growing techniques and wind mills.

Can one of you smart people tell me if, as a country, we make more than we spend, as a country? If so, tell Uncle Sam to take whatever he needs, including money for Barak and Michelle’s vacations and golf outings, and be done with it. Would we be done in a couple of years and no longer owe the Chinese lots of cash?

How about this…tell every citizen that for the next 4 years they have to save 25% of everything they get. Then in the 5th year we pay everything we earn to the government, 100%, and live off of the 25% we’ve been saving. Maybe that will be enough to cover our bill or maybe not. It’s only a little sacrafice and for only one year out of five.

I Kind of feel like Jesse James is back and taking everything at gun point. The only difference is that the congress can pass laws that say they can take my stuff and it isn’t robbery…and that congress uses our money to buy really big guns to use against us.

Bonnie and Clyde would be proud.

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