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Anybody Up for a 5 Million Views Party? January 26, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Yeah, right now we’re at 4.9 million views. In three or four months we should be getting close to 5 million. Seems like an occasion for a celebration, doesn’t it?


1. Michael - January 26, 2013

Casa de Michael, and the nearby Spirit Grille, is available. It is a short 7.5 mile cab ride from the DFW terminals (if you tell the driver the back route to my house). Plenty of room to crash. Plus, I have a Tuscan stone oven and a hoe to control it.

2. Michael - January 26, 2013

And 5.5 bathrooms, so a place to puke (other than my pool) should be in close proximity.

3. Michael - January 26, 2013

For entertainment, we can TP Tony Romo’s house just a few doors down and across the street. You can tell when he’s gone and we can do this with impunity, because he always parks in front on his circle drive. Apparently there is no room in his garage.

4. geoff - January 26, 2013

i think I could make it down for that.

5. Tushar - January 26, 2013

So tempted! If this thing is going down, you just might have some menacing brown company.

6. Mrs. Peel not logged in - January 27, 2013

I was just over at a feminist blog where they are talking about whether men and women can be friends without attraction getting in the way. Reminded me of the discussion we had on the subject some time ago, in which the conclusion was that you are all dirty, disgusting perverts who can be our friends only inasmuch as you can keep your inappropriate thoughts to yourselves.

The feminists, to their credit, find this POV degrading to men; they maintain that of course adults can be friends without having to inevitably hit on each other. However, no men have chimed in on the 150+ comments so far…

7. daveintexas - January 27, 2013

Sounds good. I’m in.

8. Tushar - January 27, 2013

Mrs Peel, ofcourse no man has chimed in at the feminist blog. No sane man intentionally dips his bare genitals in a Piranha filled fishtank either.

9. Michael - January 28, 2013

If this thing is going down, you just might have some menacing brown company.

The neighborhood Christmas party this year was hosted by a brown family from India. The family owns a big bakery. Beautiful home. Best part of the evening, aside from the excellent free food, was my conversation with one of the sons of the hosts:

Michael (looking at hot brown female): Wow, she’s hot. Who is that?

Brown Person (smiling): That’s my wife.

True story.

10. wintersetruss - January 28, 2013

“menacing brown company”


11. BrewFan - January 28, 2013

Mrs. Peel what are you wearing right now?

12. Tushar - January 28, 2013

Come now, Russ. You have met me. The only people who beat a hasty retreat after an encounter with me were the cops.

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