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The Shadow over Meriden January 28, 2013

Posted by wintersetruss in Literature, Pop Culture, WTF?.

  I’m posting today because Moses threw up before dawn this morning, which means that I’m off work today on “Daddy Duty”.

  But he wasn’t the only one who had a weird night.  I don’t know if it was that last slice of pizza I ate right before going to bed, or the fact that I watched the entire Season 3 of “Archer” collection on DVD while reading a compilation of Lovecraftian short stories over the weekend, but SOMETHING caused me to have a weird frickin’ dream last night.

  I don’t remember all the details, but it involved me taking another roadtrip to the Northeast like Jay in Ames and I took back in October.  Only this time, we got lost and ended up somewhere in the middle of CT at a rundown farmhouse with both squamous and eldrich architectural features.   Of course, when we got there, Wiserbud was waiting on the porch to greet us.  Funny, because you’d think that a nightmare involving those things would feature Pajama Momma or Rosetta instead, but who knows why these things work the way they do.  Apparently, Wiserbud must have been there to tell Lovecraft that his stories were pale imitations (“covers”, if you will) of Hawthorne’s ghost stories.  I can’t remember if Andy was there to argue HPL’s side of the tiff or not.

   Yeah, I know.  If Lovecraft’s Elder Gods from the mad spaces between the stars arrived in Connecticut today, rather than spawning madness amongst the population I believe that they would immediately register as Democrats and get petitions started to run for statewide office.  Or else they’d open yet ANOTHER CVS pharmacy there, because based on our lunch that weekend there are portions of that state where you can drive a full quarter mile without seeing one.

  (If you think this post is weird, thank your lucky stars that I had that dream last night that bumped my Sunday musings on “What would a David Mamet porn script look like?”)


1. skinbad - January 28, 2013

Are there any other kind of Sunday musings?

2. BrewFan - January 28, 2013

Every post around here lately has me looking up words in a dictionary. I mean, I didn’t realize venereal was *that* venereal.

3. wiserbud - January 29, 2013

Russ is dreaming about me?

This is an interesting, and quite frankly, disturbing development…

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