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Coupla Fun Stories from the Middle East February 1, 2013

Posted by Sobek in News.

1.  The savages who took control of northern Mali early last year are being attacked by the French.  A few days ago Walter Russell Mead reported that the aforementioned savages destroyed a library containing tens of thousands of ancient manuscripts.  Today he writes that apparently that’s not true: the library curators smuggled about 28,0000 of the manuscripts to the Malian capital, Bamako, shortly after the rebels started making their move.

I’d like to give those librarians a high-five, if that were logistically possible.  It broke my heart to think of what the world had lost, and I’m thrilled to find out the original report was wrong.

2.  Over in Iran, ah HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!  Er, excuse me.  It seems they built a $40 million natural gas platform in the Persian Gulf and it just sank into the sea.  Also, it took two and a half years to build.  Okay, part of me feels bad that the poor Iranian people have to deal with this kind of crap from their government, but mostly I think the story is funny.  Maybe if the ayatollahs hadn’t turned the country into an international pariah state, they could attract more competent engineers or something.  I mean, if your entire economy is based on oil and gas, you’d think you could hire some people who know something about oil and gas, right?

They should call Obama.  He knows how to fix maritime oil platform problems.

Pardon the link to a web page full of squiggles and whatnot, but according to this version of the story, they had another platform sink into the Gulf about twelve years ago, and there’s something in there about a bunch of pipes falling into the sea last year (not sure when, because the story is using the Iranian calendar, which I’m not going to consult).

3.  And on a lighter note, Egyptian fundamentalists (aka “Egyptians”) are celebrating the two-year anniversary of that one time they sexually assaulted CNN reporter Lara Logan the only way they know how.  Good thing Obama gave that speech in Cairo, huh?


1. daveintexas - February 1, 2013

pɹɐɥ sı buıɹǝǝuıbuǝ

2. Retired Geezer - February 1, 2013

*impressed by Dave’s blogging skilz*

3. Nan G - February 2, 2013

Iran also tried to send a redheaded monkey with gray around the edges and a prominent facial mole into space and have a brown monkey with no mole come back!
Who buys their propaganda?
Are their own people in such fear (like the North Koreans) that they pretend to?

4. Sobek - February 2, 2013

I’ve never met an Iranian who took Iranian propaganda seriously. Considering the cratering respect that Americans have for American propaganda, that will soon be another thing Americans have in common with Iranians.

5. Sobek - February 2, 2013

I’ve also heard (this is purely anecdotal, of course) that Iranians will talk openly in public places about how much their government sucks, even when they know or suspect there are informants around, and the government generally doesn’t harass them unless they sound like they’re actually plotting something.

Of course, that might not apply in a situation like, say, summer of 2009 …

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