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The President’s “Million New Manufacturing Jobs” Promise February 5, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

“We can create a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years.”

That was our President, boldly making that projection while accepting the Democratic nomination for President. He felt confident when he said it, because the trend from Jan 2010 to Apr 2012 was right on track for a million more jobs by the end of 2016. So his loyal lackeys made a chart that looked something like this.

I embellished their chart a bit and brought it up to date. Here’s what my version looks like today:


So far he’s about 200K jobs short of where he should be. If you’re a little upset that the President sold yet another blithe promise to a gullible American public, you’ve got nothing on the manufacturers themselves:

“Seven months of treading water in manufacturing jobs is simply not good enough. For all the talk of ‘Made in America’ and reshoring, we’ve seen lots of publicity but very few jobs. This should be a signal to Congress and the Administration that the private sector needs a bold set of public policies to boost jobs in manufacturing.”

– Scott Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM)

Typical union guy looking for government help instead of improving economic fundamentals, but he’s definitely unhappy with the President’s lack of progress.

[You can see him interviewed on CNN here. I particularly like the part where she asks something like “are these new jobs going to be good jobs or non-union jobs?” He also points out that adding 1 million jobs by the end of 2016 isn’t all that ambitious. And yet…]

I’ll just close with something I wrote the first time I posted on this subject:

The manufacturing job sector’s recovery has been pathetic. It has taken us 4 years to recapture 14% of the manufacturing jobs that were lost. President Obama is promising us that it’ll take another 4 years to recapture the next 28%.

And after 8 years of Obamanomics, even if it’s completely successful, we still won’t be halfway to full recovery.


1. red sweater - February 5, 2013

“Seven months of treading water in manufacturing jobs is simply not good enough.”

Not when he can bring us another 40.

2. OBF - February 7, 2013

I think we’re in the shallow end of the pool but maybe not smart enough to stand up and get out.

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