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Swift and Credible? February 12, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

From Politico:

President Barack Obama vowed Tuesday that the United States and its allies will take “swift and credible action” over North Korea’s latest nuclear test—a move he denounced as a “highly provocative act.”

But what, exactly, is “credible action?” Action that’s believable?

Perhaps that’s supposed to contrast with the President’s actions that were unbelievable. Such as:

  • Raising taxes during a recession
  • “Laser-like focus” on the economy (or was that “imperceptible?”)
  • Doubling deficit spending
  • Letting the Benghazi embassy hang while he jetted to Vegas for a fundraiser
  • Jumping in with premature verdicts on the Henry Louis Gates and Trayvon Martin cases
  • Wasting huge amounts of money on premature green initiatives. In a recession. Using deficit spending.
  • Obamacare (I think that speaks for itself)

The list goes on, but you get the point. With this president, it’s not “swift and credible” so much as “swift and beggaring the imagination.”


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