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Trans-Pacific Partnership? Pretty Pointless Pal. February 23, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Another of the President’s proposals from his State of the Union Address:

47. Boost exports, complete negotiations on Trans-Pacific Partnership

“To boost American exports, support American jobs and level the playing field in the growing markets of Asia, we intend to complete negotiations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

Yee-haw!! Another Asian economic cooperation organization. Let’s see, we already have APEC, which has been eclipsed by SCO, so what does the TPP buy us?

Well, per their website, it’s our chance to: “…boost U.S. economic growth and support the creation and retention of high-quality American jobs by increasing exports…”

There’s just one leetle problem with the plan. Just one minor catch. A slight bump in the road, if you will. A gnat in the proverbial ointment. A…

Anyway, here are the Asian members of the TPP:

  • Singapore (2012 Exports = $36 billion)
  • Malaysia (2012 Exports = $13 billion)
  • Vietnam (2012 Exports = $4.6 billion)
  • Brunei (2012 Exports = $0.2 billion)

So let’s say that we doubled the exports to those countries overnight, which would take huge chunks of their economies, but whatever (Exports to Singapore, for example, are already 13.5% of their GDP). And let’s assume that none of our TPP partners (like Canada, Australia and Mexico) encroach on our exports. Yep, that would be $54 billion, or 0.3% of our GDP. Even in that unlikely scenario, the result is insignificant.

This isn’t Obama’s only export-related proposal, but it wasn’t worth mentioning.


1. Pupster - February 28, 2013

2. Sobek - March 1, 2013

*trying to decide between horrified and angry*

Ace’s riffs on Borowitz were really good, all the suicide-oriented stuff.

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