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Linkin Park April 4, 2013

Posted by Michael in News.

Have you ever heard Lincoln Park?  I have.  It’s a public park in Chicago.  It was an important venue during the 1968 disturbances attendant to the Democratic National Convention, which were subsequently officially characterized as a “police riot.”

Lincoln Park and the failed (except as propaganda) Tet offensive are two sorry bookends on opposite sides of the world for the American involvement in Vietnam.  Vietnam may be the first modern war where propaganda was the principal and most effective weapon, far more so than the actual firepower and supply trains that were deployed.

Some guys who can’t spell started a band  and gave themselves the name of the park.  I would not have noticed them, except they did one important song.  In this song, Henry Kissinger is singing to Richard Nixon (after the Watergate scandal) about the Vietnam fiasco:


1. Retired Geezer - April 4, 2013

I’ll see your tepid attempt and raise you with Power:

2. daveintexas - April 5, 2013

I first heard it here

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