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California Assembly Votes to Outsource Justice April 26, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

This has me more than a little freaked out:

The California Assembly passed a bill on Thursday that would make the state the first in the nation to allow non-citizens who are in the country legally to serve on jury duty.

Democratic lawmakers who voted for the bill said there is no correlation between being a citizen and a juror, and they noted that there is no citizenship requirement to be an attorney or a judge.

No correlation between being a citizen and a juror? How about the part where they understand and are committed to our system of justice? Huh? The part where they swear to “Support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic?” How about that?

Seems to me that putting non-citizens on juries is essentially outsourcing justice.

And the end result isn’t likely to look anything like American justice.


1. Mr. Matamoros - April 26, 2013

WTF? It’s getting harder and harder to live as a citizen here. No one in Sacramento has any common sense or critical reasoning skills. I loathe the Democrats for what they’ve done to this state.

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