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The Decline of The Blog? April 27, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Sniff. It looks like our glory days are behind us, as the traditional blog is relegated to the dustbin of history:

In November 2011, Politico’s most prominent blogger, Ben Smith, declared the advent of the “the post-blog blog.” “The dusty old form of the personal political blog has required some updating. Twitter has replaced any individual blog as the place the political conversation plays out,” he wrote. “Other successful bloggers—from Andrew Sullivan to Michelle Malkin, Chris Cillizza to Ezra Klein—have been edging in different ways toward institutionalizing what works, staffing up and formalizing their beats to better serve their audiences.”

We will still have blogs, of course, if only because the word is flexible enough to encompass a very wide range of publishing platforms: Basically, anything that contains a scrollable stream of posts is a “blog.” What we are losing is the personal blog and the themed blog. Less and less do readers have the patience for a certain writer or even certain subject matter. Instead, they use social media to efficiently pick exactly what they do and do not click on, rather than reading what a blogger or blog offers them.

There is little sense in shouting against the wind, but the blog—the blog as a thematically or personally coherent space containing an individual’s or a subject’s specific interests, commitments, attitudes—was a great thing, and its decline is saddening.

Blogging, we hardly knew ye.


1. Sobek - April 27, 2013

See? We’re just ahead of the curve.

We’re innovators.

2. Sobek - April 27, 2013

I quit blogging before it was cool to quit blogging.

3. daveintexas - April 27, 2013

the nose on our faces. etc.

4. BrewFan - April 28, 2013

Need I remind you that this is not a blog? It is a Commenting Site™.

5. wintersetruss - April 29, 2013

Well, if Ben Smith says so, it must be true…..

6. OBF - April 29, 2013

Can we still pick our noses?

7. lauraw - April 30, 2013

I read everything here but don’t comment as much anymore, because of taking both #1 and #2 spots in the ‘most comments’ stats thing that was tabulated at the end of last year.
Don’t know why that annoyed me, but it is so.

8. geoff - April 30, 2013

I think that was a completely bogus stat, because it had Sandy Burger as #4, which is flatly impossible. They seem to have excluded all the authors, and the total number of comments they have for Sandy for the entire year is in the 60’s. I suspect I write at least 30 comments a month.

Here’s what the 2012 Annual Report said:

1 lauraw 243 comments
2 lauraw 106 comments
3 OBF 68 comments
4 sandy burger 65 comments
5 Tushar 62 comments

Complete nonsense. Here’s who commented the most out of the last 1000 comments:

Michael 167
daveintexas 134
geoff 88
lauraw 88
Sobek 63
Retired Geezer 52
Pupster 39

Somehow, out of the 7 most frequent current commenters, only you made it to the 2012 commenters list.

9. geoff - April 30, 2013

They seem to have excluded all the authors

Which makes no sense unless you’re somehow not logged in as an author.

I’ll also note that your cumulative commenting for 2012 is equivalent to 1 comment per day, which doesn’t seem at all excessive.

Hell, you could (and should) post that much.

10. geoff - April 30, 2013

Didn’t know we had a report for 2011 as well:

1 lauraw 377 comments
2 lauraw 342 comments
3 Retired Geezer 228 comments
4 Russ from Winterset 132 comments
5 Tushar 116 comments

Here you have all of 2 comments per day, and once again they’ve left Michael, Dave, and me out.

11. lauraw - April 30, 2013

As an author here my login is ‘anycomments,’ which I inherited from Geezer.

But anyway, I’ve blathered on long enough about this. I don’t want to be the ultra-bigmouth-neverhutsup in the stats for next year.

12. geoff - April 30, 2013

As an author here my login is ‘anycomments,’ which I inherited from Geezer.

You should change it your normal login. Then your comments wouldn’t be counted and you wouldn’t have to worry about the size of your piehole.

13. lauraw - April 30, 2013

Really? OK, then I need to ask Michael to add ‘lauraw’ as a writer here.

14. Michael - April 30, 2013


15. lauraw - April 30, 2013


16. daveintexas - April 30, 2013

And she’s GONE

17. Michael - May 1, 2013

Damn shame, too, because it was the wit and wisdom of anycomments that brought in the new flag from Curacao.

18. Michael - May 1, 2013

My only gripe about anycomments is that I repeatedly had to report her to the IB Human Resources Department for violations of the dress code, which were sufficiently flagrant to cause an unprofessional workplace environment that was distracting to many of her colleagues.

19. lauraw - May 1, 2013

It’s true, she was VERY distracting to have to work with.


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