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Favorite (Non Obama Scandal) Headline of the Day May 15, 2013

Posted by skinbad in Ballistics, Ducks, Nature Shit, News, Travel.

'How Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds_ - Yahoo! News' - news_yahoo_com_wind-turbines-kill-birds-190145748_html

Hey, I’m no expert. I would guess impact with giant, fast-moving, chopping blades would have to be somewhere in the mix.


1. geoff - May 15, 2013

…by introducing birds to cigarettes at an early age?

2. lauraw - May 15, 2013

Pssst. Hey. Hey.

Hey, bird.


3. geoff - May 15, 2013

This one isn’t exactly a non-Obama scandal, BTW. The EPA is being accused of giving wind turbines a pass on killing protected birds, while they hammer on oil and gas companies.

4. geoff - May 15, 2013

…by giving birds 16 oz sodas?

5. Skinbad - May 15, 2013

That’s true, Geoff (#3). Maybe there’s some sort of “six degrees of Obama scandals” for all headlines.

6. Skinbad - May 15, 2013

Wind turbines are against universal background checks.

7. OBF - May 15, 2013

My job used to entail the closing of a coal strip mine in Wyoming. The EPA made us turn what could have been a great fishing/recreation spot back into prairie (for a paltry $60mm). Eastern Wyoming really didn’t need any more prairie. We even had to plant sage brush and have a bunch of kids come up from the university to harvest the seeds just to make sure they were fertile. On the other side of the fence…like 10 yards away the ranchers were poisoning the same type of sage brush.
When the feds started to subsidize the wind farm business we used the same location to put up a few hundred wind turbines. There used to be a lot of pictures showing the eagles nesting on the reclaimed land. Everybody loved us.
Now the birds run into the turbines and die a miserable death…sort of what they inflict on the little critters they feed on. Now everybody hates us.

Happy ending though. The feds really, really subsidize the wind farms and were making a lot more money than we ever did making electricity by burning coal… and not killing birds.

8. Sobek - May 15, 2013

Someone should ban wind turbines from buying high-magazine clips.

9. daveintexas - May 16, 2013

How do wind turbines kill birds?

Pretty effectively from what I hear.

10. wiserbud - May 16, 2013

Hey, I’m no expert. I would guess impact with giant, fast-moving, chopping blades would have to be somewhere in the mix.

That’s just about enough of your so-called “science” jibber-jabber, mister…

11. Pupster - May 16, 2013

Wind Turbines are pro-sequester.

12. Pupster - May 16, 2013

Wind Turbines want to limit women’s health care options.

13. OBF - May 16, 2013

Wind turbines blow.

No, wait. Wind turbines suck.

I’m confused.

14. Nan G - May 16, 2013

When you think of any raptor, like an eagle, hawk, falcon, think of you with a pair of binoculars taped tightly to cover your eyes.
That’s their field of vision.
They will be focused on the rabbit or field mouse on the ground and swooping down to get it when, WHOOSH!, a blade comes from nowhere and cuts them in half.

15. geoff - May 16, 2013

That used to happen to me at singles bars.

16. OBF - May 16, 2013

Wind turbines hang out in singles bars?

17. geoff - May 16, 2013

Oh sure, and they really seem to dig my posts.

They’re big fans.

18. OBF - May 16, 2013

Isn’t there a chart out there somewhere that is need some triangles?

19. Sobek - May 16, 2013

Geoff at #17 just made my list.

It’s not a good list.

20. geoff - May 17, 2013

I don’t buy it – I’m betting I’ve been on that list for a while.

21. Sobek - May 17, 2013

I actually have a lot of lists.

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