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Bloomberg Gets Excited About Mortgage Rates May 23, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

This is news?

“U.S. Mortgage Rates Rise, With 30-Year at a 2-Month High”

We had a record low last November – that was newsworthy because it was, like, an all-time record. And the fact that mortgage rates are increasing is certainly important. But it doesn’t seem worth reporting a “2-month high.”


1. Carlos - May 23, 2013

Well, it is to low-info voters whose attention spans exceed a gnat’s by about 2.4 seconds.

Might this be one of the reasons Dear Leader is still so popular with the soap-and-bon-bons crowd? Or maybe why the media is being accused daily of bias against anything that might make Dear Leader look even slightly bad?

2. thirdnews - May 23, 2013

I can’t think of why this is a headline but perhaps it signals a new strategy to coerce banks into loosening up credit for potential buyers? Despite the disastrous mortgage effect, hasn’t their been rumblings about favoring unqualified buyers?

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