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The Obama Charm Offensive Continues May 25, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

In what I suspect is a part of the Obama administration’s attempt to start redirecting attention away from their multiplicity of scandals, the First Lady visited Savoy Elementary School in DC, leaving us with some odd photos:

FLOTUS on Stilts 1 FLOTUS on Stilts 2
Patting your head while rubbing your belly isn’t so hard FLOTUS on stilts


1. Carlos - May 27, 2013

Ol’ Thunderthighs should be good at rubbing and patting at the same time. She’s always patting herself on the back, and, from her size, I’m guessing she’s always rubbing her tummy connoting to everyone present that’s she’s full at the end of a meal, too.

Doesn’t look like she’s missed more’n one or two meals in her life. No wonder she thinks she’s an expert on what to eat – she’s had so much practice!

Speaking of practice, wonder when her hubby will stop “practicing” being prez, and actually start doing the job?

2. Michelle Obama - May 27, 2013

Yeah, Carlos, and I’m sure you look like Brad Pitt.

3. Carlos - May 28, 2013

Get your guys at the FBI/SS to check it out, dearie. I wouldn’t want to look like Brad Pitt – I would prefer looking like what used to be known as a “man,” not a “metro” that thinks every other “metro” looks oh, so sweet.

4. Michelle Obama - May 28, 2013

Oh, you mean like Rock Hudson…now I’m getting the picture. Thanks for clarifying.

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