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When Life Imitates The Fifth Element June 26, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Wouldn’t you know that among all the cool things that 15-year-old science fiction movie depicted, they would first develop remote-controlled cockroaches:

Researchers at NC State have figured out how to put cockroaches on autopilot using video game software and a small computer attached to the roach’s back. They are able to steer the bugs on a path that has been plotted out digitally, and they use a Microsoft software called Kinect to sense the insects’ movements.


Here’s The Fifth Element’s version:


1. skinbad - June 26, 2013

Put a camera on that rig and you’ll sell a ton to police depts. and pervs/stalkers..

2. Jimbro - June 26, 2013

The sound of the shoe hitting the cockroach is soooooo loud the headphones fly off his head. I hope they work out that bug before it’s deployed in the field.

3. Michael - June 26, 2013

I sure hope PETA stages a protest about this using nekkid women again to attract media attention.

In my neighborhood.

Heck, they can use my house. I’ll serve appetizers and soft drinks to the media.

4. Michael - June 26, 2013

Stop and think — roaches have feelings too, just like us people.

For example, a male roach feels like breeding with the nearest available female, all the time.

See what I mean? It’s just wrong to treat them as some kind of slave chassis for human gear.

5. geoff - June 26, 2013

The sound of the shoe hitting the cockroach is soooooo loud the headphones fly off his head

That could totally happen. It’s ummm like physics and stuff.

6. Mitchell - June 27, 2013

Why does life have to imitate the remote controlled cockroach bit? Why couldn’t it imitate the nearly-nakid-Milla-Jovovich-drops-into-the-back-of-my-car bit??

7. Michael - June 27, 2013


I wish I had said that.

It’s like there is some supranatural force preventing things from being the way they are supposed to be.

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