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Going Stealth on Mosquitoes July 20, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

I’m skeptical of most humanitarian efforts because they don’t seem to produce sustainable, meaningful results. Rather, they produce dependency and a parasitic administrative overhead that eventually prioritizes its own well-being over the original mission.

But sometimes a cool opportunity to do good comes along, where you can truly change lives for the better. I think the Kite Patch is such an opportunity:

Kite™ Mosquito Patch is a small, powerful patch that will, when fully developed, allow humans to go virtually undetected by mosquitoes for up to 48 hours.

Kite’s compounds act as a non-topical, spatial repellent, blocking mosquitoes’ ability to detect carbon dioxide – their primary method of tracking human blood meals.

We’re building Kite to protect humans in a small, lightweight, durable, and effective patch, in a wide range of conditions in which humans find themselves in contact with mosquitoes.

They’re currently seeking funding to produce the Patch in volume and test its efficacy in Uganda, where there’s apparently a 60% malaria infection rate.

I know this isn’t news to anybody, but malaria kills a huge number of African children every year (estimates vary, but probably over half a million). This technology could change African society in a lasting way.

You can help out for as little as $10. Seems like a worthy cause to me.


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