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If I Have to Believe… July 22, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Trayvon Martin’s supporters are demanding justice for his death, where justice has apparently been redefined from the meaning we used to cherish. If you oppose them, well, as usual you’re a racist. But:

  • If I have to believe that the case presented by the prosecution was sufficient to convict George Zimmerman beyond a reasonable doubt;
  • If I have to believe that white-on-black violence is more egregious than black-on-black or black-on-white violence;
  • If I have to believe that the shooting of 6-year-old Quianna Tompkins was insignificant compared to the shooting of Trayvon Martin;
  • If I have to believe that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are anything other than kneejerk, chip-on-the-shoulder, self-aggrandizing race mongers;
  • If I have to believe that the President of the United States should weigh in on cases before they’re brought to trial;
  • If I have to believe that the job of the Department of Justice is to put up a hotline to try to get evidence to support their preconceived biases which, almost by definition, aren’t supported by evidence;
  • If I have to believe that this administration is truly concerned with the justice and well-being of everybody, rather than their pet special interest groups; and
  • If I have to believe that the color of my skin defines what I can say, the severity of my crimes, and my qualifications for discussing the colors of people’s skins;

then I’ll just have to reconcile myself to a life as an unrepentant racist, because none of those premises are believable. If I contort logic and my principles to be able to accept the Justice for Trayvon Martin crowd’s perspective and demands, then I’ve lost the intellectual foundation that led me to support civil rights in the first place.

The JfTM protestors should really think about what they’re asking for, because they’re likely to lose far more than they gain.


1. daveintexas - July 22, 2013


This was for ratings.

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