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For the Sake of Convenience… August 20, 2013

Posted by Sobek in Art.

I numbered my art pieces in my description of the rules, but I don’t think anyone but me knows which are which (or has seen them all), so here you go:


When They Came for the Malt Liquor, I Did Nothing… August 18, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

…for I drank imported bitters. But it’s pretty clear that everybody’s drink of choice will be targeted soon, given the State’s interest in your healthcare:

“Recent studies reveal that nearly a third of injury visits to Level I trauma centers were alcohol-related and frequently a result of heavy drinking,” said lead study author David Jernigan, PhD, CAMY director. “Understanding the relationship between alcohol brands and their connection to injury may help guide policy makers in considering taxation and physical availability of different types of alcohol given the harms associated with them.”

“Guiding policy makers in considering physical availability” means, of course, banning the alcohol brands they think are causing the problem. Which brands are they after?


Art August 17, 2013

Posted by Sobek in Art.

Haven’t put up one of these posts in a while.

This one was for my youngest brother’s wedding.  He was married in October, 2009, and I gave it to him last July.



No News Day Could Ever Be This Slow August 16, 2013

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Could it?

Why Insects Have Gay Sex

Life Imitates Animation August 15, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.
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Doctors say an Indian infant is emitting combustible gas through its pores and bursting into flame.

In a rare medical condition, a three-month old baby boy from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu keeps catching fire spontaneously. The bizarre incident has stunned local doctors, and spooked the villagers who blame paranormal forces for the phenomenon, local media report.

Rahul, second son of farmhands Karnan and Rajeshwari from Villupuram village, seemed as healthy and normal as any other baby at birth. But since then, the baby reportedly burst into flames at least four times, beginning when he was just nine days old.

Poor kid (though fortunately they seem to have figured out how to prevent it), but wow – straight out of The Incredibles:

Obama and the Electric Car Gap August 15, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

For the better part of the last year we’ve been tracking President Obama’s progress toward his promises to double exports by 2015 and to add 1 million manufacturing jobs by July 2016. Needless to say, in both cases he’s well along the way toward abysmal failure. But the fail doesn’t stop there – oh no.

I’ve been wanting to track his progress toward his plan of adding 1 million electric cars to American roads by the end of 2015, but I could never find the complete set of data. Fortunately my buddy Ironman at Political Calculations noticed that you can compare the Obama administration’s prediction of Chevy Volt sales to actual sales. That comparison is pretty representative of the entire electric car industry, since the Volt was supposed to be 500K out of 1.2 million electric cars predicted to be sold by 2016.

I would have just linked to Ironman’s post (which I urge you to read), but I didn’t think his graphics drove the point home. So I made my own chart, following the format of the export and manufacturing jobs charts. Here you go:


As you can see, we’ll be lucky to hit 100K Volts sold by the end of 2015. We’re only a bit more than halfway through 2013, of course, so you can imagine at least another 10K in electric car sales this year. Which won’t make a bit of difference in closing the gap between the administration’s hopelessly optimistic projections and the reality the rest of us live in.

I believe the term is SCOAMF?

The Gulf Betwixt the Sexes August 15, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Sometimes Megan McArdle makes no sense at all:

“World’s tallest building” is a stupid contest, the architectural equivalent of seeing how many hot dogs you can cram into your gullet before your stomach bursts. Even if you win, it’s your loss.

Yeah, but you won. Duh. Plus, hot dogs.

Men are from Mars, eatin’ hot dogs in our skyscrapers, and women are from Venus, admiring each others’ intact bellies.

Gay Marriage and Spousal Privilege August 14, 2013

Posted by Sobek in Law.

An interesting little story from Ace yesterday.

A man named George Murphy allegedly sexually assaulted Bobbie Jo Clary with a hammer.  Clary then allegedly took the hammer from Murphy and beat him to death with it, then stole Murphy’s van (I don’t know why the theft is even part of this story, all things considered, but whatever).  Clary also allegedly told her partner, Geneva Case, what she had done.

Clary is now on trial for murder in Kentucky.  Prosecutors want to compel Case to testify against Clary.  Case says no way, we’re practically married – they had gone to Vermont in 2004 to get a civil union – and married people get a privilege against testifying against one another, but Kentucky (gasp!) doesn’t recognize civil unions.  Therefore, argue the prosecutors, there is no spousal privilege for the lesbian couple, and Case can be compelled to testify.


How do People Drown in the Desert? August 13, 2013

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ducks, Gardening.

I’ve lived in the desert all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this.

Hat tip to my red-headed friend-from-childhood, David.
He lives in the desert also.

Why the NM Supreme Court Decision Shouldn’t Bother You August 13, 2013

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I’ve seen some conservative sites getting het up over the news that the New Mexico Supreme Court said that non-English speakers have the right to be on juries. That got me riled at first, too, and in fact I had started a post on it earlier in the day.

Until I did a tiny bit of research.

Turns out that this isn’t a new thing – this is a relic of a hundred-year-old bit of legislation that took many rights away from non-English speakers, but left them the right to vote and to sit on juries.

Back in the 1800s half of New Mexico’s citizens were exclusively Spanish-speaking, so many government officials couldn’t speak English. This turned out to be a pain when interfacing with the rest of the US, so in 1910 they started legislation that stated all government employees had to be able to speak English. This was actually a concession by the Spanish-speaking population, so the fact that they have remaining rights from back in the day doesn’t bother me a whole lot.

So I’d suggest people cool off a bit: the New Mexico Supreme Court was just affirming a long-standing right of Spanish-speaking people.

CDTMM&FMHC Party August 12, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Just created a password-protected page for prospective attendees of the CDTMM&FMHC Party (Columbus Day Texas Moron Meatup & 5 Million Views Party). You can ask me for the password in the comments, but here’s a hint:

The password is the nickname for IB conferred upon us by Ace (not Michael’s Comments, which is the other nickname for IB). Two words, both capitalized, strung together. The Hostages sometimes appropriate this nickname for themselves.

Inorganic and Organic Humor, Telegraph Style August 12, 2013

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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are apparently afflicted with the twin problems of too much time on their hands and a difficulty in creating jokes. So they’ve been programming a computer to generate “I like my … like I like my…” jokes.

Not very good so far, but you can see the potential:

I like my women like I like my gas … natural

I like my men like I like my acorns … buried

I like my boys like I like my sectors … bad

I like my men like I like my monoxide – odourless

I like my men like I like my court … superior

You may not laugh now, but humor was always thought of as the last bastion of human superiority over computers – the realm that was perhaps unreachable for inorganic intelligence. While it’s obviously still a ways off, this sort of research is chipping away at the wall between man and machine.

In the meantime, to attempt to make up for inflicting those upon you I give you the Telegraph readers’ top 5 favorite jokes from 2012 below the fold: