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Anvil Cloud September 15, 2013

Posted by Retired Geezer in Nature Shit, Science.

I searched the Whole Internets for an image of an Anvil Cloud but I couldn’t find one that looked as much like an anvil as this:


Unfortunately I didn’t have a nice camera with a zoom lens, only my phone. You can click it to embiggen.


1. Pupster - September 15, 2013


2. daveintexas - September 15, 2013

looks like my head

3. BrewFan - September 15, 2013
4. Stepster - September 15, 2013


5. OBF - September 16, 2013


6. Pupster - September 17, 2013

Saw this on the drive home last evening.

Not as impressive as Idaho, like most things in Ohio.

7. Bob Ross - September 17, 2013

That’s a nice little happy cloud pups!

8. Retired Geezer - September 17, 2013

Pupster, OMG that’s The Same Cloud, seen from a different angle!

*downloads Jetstream info*

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