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I’ve Got the Power September 18, 2013

Posted by Retired Geezer in Gardening, Science.

Longtime IB readers will have already been bored to death seen photos of the Camp Geezer Powerlines.
Here’s a couple more:


Here’s another photo that was used on the Album cover of a music group from Finland:


In this next picture, see if you can spot the two Red-Tailed Hawks, one on each pole.
Click to embiggen.


One thing you can’t see in this photo is Justin Bieber twerking with Miley Cyrus while talking like a Pirate … (as far as I know.)

*does that hand-dusting thing and walks away*


1. Tushar - September 19, 2013

Add a photo of that Scandi music album that used your image.

2. Gerhard - September 19, 2013

I can see the haws, but cannot agree with their being “Red Tail” Hawks. The tail plumage is not typical for a Hawk of this species.

3. geoff - September 19, 2013

WTF? That is so totally Red-Tailed Hawk plumage. This picture should be in the encyclopedia next to “Red-Tailed Hawk Plumage.”

4. President Obama - September 19, 2013

If I had Red-Tailed Hawk plumage, it would look like Retired Geezer’s Red-Tailed Hawk plumage.

5. Michael - September 19, 2013

It’s gotta be this post that brought in the hit from Bangla Desh a couple of hours ago. Those people are nuts about hawks. I heard somewhere.

6. skinbad - September 19, 2013

The expression on that one on the back is priceless.

7. Nan G - September 19, 2013

We used to see Red-Tailed Hawks in LB all the time.
I even got to watch young hawks carried on their mother’s back to have her turn over so they had to fly for the first time.
Very cool thing to see.

Here, in Utah, we have eagles.
Don’t know which kind yet.
But to watch them soar in the sky is a real treat.
They are SO BIG!

8. Retired Geezer - September 19, 2013

I even got to watch young hawks carried on their mother’s back to have her turn over so they had to fly for the first time.

Wow, I’ve never seen that. I’m going to have to pay more attention to the nest.

9. skinbad - September 19, 2013

I think the eagles thing isn’t too complicated.
White head = bald eagle
Not white head = golden eagle

10. Herman McDonald - September 20, 2013

Hey Do you guys have any 22LR for sale

11. Retired Geezer - September 20, 2013

^ Herman is my guitar-building buddy from Vegas.

Full disclosure: I sent emails to all 50 .. 5 of my friends to help push us over the top.

12. geoff - September 20, 2013

We only need 132 hits to make it today.

More challenging: we need 34 comments to hit 135,000 today.

It’s a good day to be gabby.

13. Retired Geezer - September 20, 2013

Lauraw must be really slammed at slutschool. She should be here for the festivities.

*waves balloon bouquet*

14. Mrs. Geezer - September 20, 2013

Thought I’d better leave a comment. You folks should ask RG about the Zipline we did yesterday in Snake River Canyon, highly recommend it. Fun times.

15. lauraw - September 20, 2013

Please. It’s not ‘slutschool.’ That’s a crappy vocational school.

It is Whore University.

Whore U is dedicated to turning out the most well-rounded women of ill repute, so they may sashay confidently forward and serve the needs of the community in the most wide array of whoring and whore-related fields.

I hate to pull cred like that, but you kind of deserved it.

16. Retired Geezer - September 20, 2013

*stands corrected*

*still wants a copy of the Yearbook*

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