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Obama Gets Upset, Takes America’s Toys and Goes Home October 7, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

By now you’ve heard all the examples of the completely irrational and unnecessary manifestations of the government’s 17% cutback. Any competent and responsible manager could have responded to the slowdown without the inconveniences that have been inflicted on the American people, but the President is not particularly blessed with either. He is, however, gifted with an enormity of spite that completely overwhelms his sense of duty to the American people.

But I’m most troubled by the notion that the parks, monuments, and other federally-operated properties belong to the government and not the American people. It’s odd to me that the default value is no public access rather than complete public access. The Park Service is supposed to preserve and maintain the lands for our use – if the Park Service is shut down, we lose the preservation and maintenance, not the usage.

It seems like we should focus future conservation efforts on putting lands and monuments in private hands, where their access isn’t subject to the whims of a peevish President. The President may just have revitalized the movement to privatize federal lands.


1. Michael - October 7, 2013

I have longed advocated selling the national parks to Disney and Six Flags, and seperately auctioning off any subsurface oil, gas and mineral rights. The national forests, grasslands, swamps, etc. should be sold to timber, ranching and mining interests. Most of the Grand Canyon should be repurposed as a landfill, as I eloquently contended six years ago: Michael Solves the Landfill Crisis.

Private owners will do a much better job of managing such properties for the benefit of the public, at a profit, and the sale price would solve the debt problem for generations. There should, of course, be no restraints on foreign ownership of these properties if foreigners are willing to pony up a winning bid.

It’s ridiculous that the federal government owns 30% of the land, about 650 million acres.

(For the record, I have also argued that Buffalo and Detroit should be donated to Canada, but that’s another issue.)

2. geoff - October 7, 2013

If we redrew the borders a bit, we could probably saddle Canada with Chicago as well.

3. lauraw - October 7, 2013

This entire episode (in addition to highlighting how the Democrats are ill-equipped to govern in a professional manner) shows that all entities need to think thrice before combining with the feds, if they can possibly manage not to.

4. geoff - October 7, 2013

Let me say, right here and for the record, that I’m against the trucker traffic shutdown in DC. I always hate it when liberal protesters snarl up downtown traffic with no consideration for people who are just trying to go about their lives, and this is no different. It’s not going to endear anyone in DC to their position.

I wish they’d put their energies to more productive use, like delivering needed stuff to people affected by the shutdown or something (though I think they’re already taken care of).

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