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Shut Down Defense October 8, 2013

Posted by Michael in News.

I offer this as a modest alternative to closing the National Park Service.  Instead, let’s close down the entire U.S. military establishment and save some real bucks, with little impact on the average vacationing taxpayer.

Except, of course, for our air, sea and land-based nuclear deterrents, which are really the only “essential” components of national defense.  Otherwise, furlough the entire darn U.S.  military.   Let’s just announce to the whole world that we will only defend ourselves, and no one else, with nuclear hell until a budget is passed.  So, probably a bad time to piss us of, as we will not be capable of a nuanced response to any kind of annoyance until the government is fully funded.  We’ll also have to tell NATO, SEATO, Japan, Korea, and the Rio Treaty signatories that we are taking a few sick days and they are on their own, which will be embarrassing, but so what.

Think of all the money we could save.  Top priority is to dock all those frickin’ carriers.  Those things are really expensive to run.  I’m not sure how expensive, but it’s approximately a gazillion dollars per day.  Just tie them up in Norfolk, San Diego and Pearl Harbor and give everybody on board unpaid shore leave.


The interim Shutdown Defense Doctrine of the United States could be summarized as — “We are stardust, we are golden.”

Then let’s see what happens about this budget impasse.

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1. geoff - October 8, 2013

The Dems will just take the money and spend on their pet projects, while Dave and I starve. Then, when China invades, the Dems will blame it on Bush. Then Dave and I will be starving and Commie.

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