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What’s Better than Going to the Range? October 18, 2013

Posted by Sobek in Ballistics.

Playing hooky from work to do it.  That is all.

Got 'im.

Got ‘im.


1. daveintexas - October 18, 2013

he’s pretty dead

2. Retired Geezer - October 19, 2013

I’m kinda seeing Great Britain in the head.

And of course the Cheshire Cat.

3. Retired Geezer - October 19, 2013

Here’s some happy music to listen to while you’re staring at that target.

4. Cathy - October 19, 2013

*dances to Geezer’s mew-zik*

5. obf - October 19, 2013

Major post apocalypse mistake there rookie. Those head shots missed the brain and the zombie will rise again….and quit wasting ammo.

Two of Sobek’s siblings purchased those old WWII Russian Mosin Nagant bolt action rifles. They aren’t very fast but they do come with a bayonet. Perfect for head poking walkers, biters or whatever they’re called.

6. Retired Geezer - October 19, 2013

*changes internet name to “Headpoker”

7. Sobek - October 19, 2013

If you look carefully at the torso shots, you can see some smaller holes from a .22 rifle. I recently inherited a Remington Sportmaster model 341, which used to be my grandfather’s. It was manufactured some time between 1936 and 1940, so it’s pushing 75 years and still going strong. It’s a great rifle for teaching the kiddos.

The Mosin Nagants are cool, too, but not very practical for a ten-year-old’s shoulders.

8. daveintexas - October 20, 2013

Started my girls on a Remington single shot .22 plinker.. to get em used to the noise and the pop of a weapon. An old squirrel rifle that belonged to dad.. probably goes back to 1920.

9. daveintexas - October 20, 2013

that was coaching from Retired Geezer BTW

10. wintersetruss - October 20, 2013

Am I the only one that sees a dancing armadillo in the head portion of that target?

Nice shooting, croc-boy. Those old Remington’s are a beaut, aren’t they? I’m personally partial to old 1940s/1950s Mossberg .22s, but the Remington’s are always a good choice.

11. OBF - October 21, 2013

Armadillo’s? I heard somewhere where an enterprizing young person made his fortune by capturing, cleaning, cooking and then selling armadillos as possum on the half-shell.

Kind of a select market I know but…its hard to argue with success.

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