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Manufacturing Jobs Through Nov. 2013 – More ObamaFail December 6, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Every Employment Situation report brings with it a tally of manufacturing jobs, and that, of course, allows us to compare that tally with the President’s promise to add 1 million manufacturing jobs by September 2016. As usual, that comparison reflects poorly on the President’s command of facts economic:


We’ve added 71K jobs since he made the promise (based on Aug. 2012 data). If he followed the trajectory so thoughtfully plotted by Organizing for America, we should have added 430K.

It’s almost like he makes promises blindly and then abandons them when things don’t work out.


1. jam2 - December 16, 2013

weird news (if you’re a lib):


NY State could have an economic revival if the dunces in Albany (Andy C. et al) would let gas drilling go through; but NO, here we still sit with numerous years of positive data from our PA pals (and their concomitant economic boom), and wallow in an economic quagmire.

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