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It’s a Man Cold, Baby December 24, 2013

Posted by geoff in News.

Once again, science follows art:

According to a new report by scientists, men with high levels of testosterone have weak immune system. The research team has revealed this fact by measuring their tendency to resist against flu. This research also unveils the reason for why men are more vulnerable to infectious diseases in comparison to women.

The research has also stated the reason as why immune systems of men respond less actively to vaccinations. It has been reported that men easily get affected by bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infection in comparison to women.

Well duh. We’ve long known that all of us manly type men suffer disproportionately from these viral thingys, but do we get the sympathy we deserve? We do not.

So now I hope we get the pampering and attention that any significant other with a moral compass should cheerfully provide. After all, it’s science.

Here’s the art (which has previously appeared at IB):


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