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Bureau of Labor Statistics Comes Out of Its Racist Closet January 1, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

At his nomination acceptance speech in September 2012 the President promised us 1 million new manufacturing jobs in 4 years. But this month the BLS provided its projections of manufacturing jobs in 2022, and those racists claim we’re going to lose 540K manufacturing jobs by 2022.

How do people expect our president to function under such racist conditions?


1. punk - January 1, 2014

I dunno, but somehow China has to be involved.


But seriously, it could be China. Or could be because of the dwindling growth rate of US citizens. Regardless, that’s completely unacceptable horse-hockey.

I’m sure our dear leader will figure out some way to punish the evil corporations for trying to not get taxed as much as they are supposed to be by sending labor overseas with massive new taxes that only seem to ever be paid by the consumers.

2. geoff - January 1, 2014

China and emerging economies are undoubtedly part of the answer, as is improved manufacturing technology.

The real question is how the President and his economic staff mistook the bounce in manufacturing jobs in 2011 for a long-term trend. They projected the 2011 job recovery to 2016 and came up with their 1 million job promise, i.e., promising to deliver what they thought was already happening.

Same thing they did with exports.

3. Lipstick - January 1, 2014

They didn’t care if it was accurate, if it gave them an excuse to put out rosy predictions in order to retain power.

4. Michael - January 1, 2014

Funny thing is, there is reason to hope that the medium term outlook for domestic manufacturing jobs is pretty good, because:

(1) The labor cost advantage overseas is declining and corporations have already plucked the low-hanging fruit.

(2) The U.S. is by far the largest market for manufactured goods, so production here cuts transportation costs, resulting in companies like Honda and Toyota finding it advantageous to build factories in the U.S., and

(3) Most of all, the U.S. is on the cusp of an ENERGY COST ADVANTAGE which could give us a ginormous leg up in the global competition for producing manufactured goods. The prospect of North America becoming energy independent, and even an energy exporter, still sends a tingle up my leg as I gleefully consider the consequences for unsavory characters ranging from the Saudis to the Russian economy that largely depends on Gazprom for its clout.

Ironically, the biggest disruptive factor working to our advantage, energy costs, is precisely what President Clueless is trying to squelch with his insane regulatory policies that attempt to appease the Cult of Climate Change.

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