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I Love to Hate on Windows 8 January 2, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

How badly does Windows 8/8.1 suck? Well, 15 months after it was introduced, its market penetration is only 10.5%:


From Net Applications

Good old Windows XP is losing ground quickly since Microsoft said they’re going to stop supporting it in April. Otherwise you’d see Windows XP & Windows 7 with a combined 80% of the market.

The most amazing thing about Windows XP is that it was introduced in 2001. 2001. Microsoft obviously hasn’t introduced much value into its operating system improvements over the past 12 years – at least from the consumer’s perspective.

It also tells you that most people are content with the way XP operates. They like the interface, the speed, and the low memory overhead. Windows 7 is like an updated version of XP with better security and networking, so it’s popular as well.

Vista and 8/8.1? Stinky.


1. daveintexas - January 2, 2014

It was mind-numbingly stupid to design a user interface around a tablet… unless you happen to have a touchscreen. But that’s Microsoft – they have a knack for getting it just wrong.

2. geoff - January 2, 2014

Plus, I find the Metro interface butt-ugly, particularly when it’s blown up on monitor.

Not to mention that running with 5 – 10 windows open at a time is unpossible in Metro.

3. skinbad - January 2, 2014

My daughter’s laptop has Windows 8. I had to google how to shut it down. Intuitive!

4. Retired Geezer - January 3, 2014

I still have a PC for gaming (with Windows 7) but I’ve been an Apple fan for about 10 years. I got sick of my PC’s locking up on MS programs so I took the plunge. Never regretted it.
That being said, I think the new OS for Macs looks like the old Commodore-64 graphics.

5. geoff - January 3, 2014

My daughter’s laptop has Windows 8. I had to google how to shut it down. Intuitive!

I pretty much had this guy’s experience.

6. Pupster - January 3, 2014

It is hard to buy a new PC without 8. My MIL surprised me with a new laptop for Christmas with 8 installed, I don’t like the OS but what the hey, free laptop.

7. geoff - January 3, 2014

I downgraded my laptop to Windows 7 after dealing with Windows 8 for the better part of a year. Half the drivers don’t work, so it’s functionality is impaired, but I’m happier.

8. daveintexas - January 3, 2014

I think I mentioned my story about my Win 7 Dell dying on a trip last Oct.. the dreaded 8 beep “your monitor is done son” dell thing. I tried and tried to get that thing to work, broke down and bought a $300 HP with Win 8 and the hate began.

So days later I take the old one to work to hook it up to a display and I shit you not the damn thing booted up fine – internal display and all… and has been working ever since.

I was torn as to whether to hang onto the new one – figuring old one would die again, and now it’s really too late to take it back.

Very soon the old one will die again. Which is awesome because I will get to hate relearning Win 8 all over again.

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