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Exports Through November 2013 – the Dismal Failure Continues January 9, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

Time for the monthly update on US exports.

Now I know that you know, even without looking, that exports aren’t even close to reaching the President’s goal of doubling them within 5 years (i.e., by the beginning of 2015).

And I know that you know that exports were a key part of the President’s economic recovery plan. Essential, even.

And I know that you know that our tepid “recovery” can be squarely laid at the feet of the President’s ineffectual at best, counterproductive at their all-too-common worst, stupid economic initiatives.

So why do I belabor the point? Because once you’ve accepted these things, looking at this graph of export data (from BEA) is kind of funny.


Though it does hurt to laugh.


1. Cathy - January 10, 2014

Geoff. I love ya. You know that. I enjoy reading your posts. You know that. I learn a lot. A LOT!!! I’ve been active politically. I fight burn-out. One of my close friends, a political colleague, is like me. He is a person of action. When we read stuff like what you wrote here, we go nuts!!! In Mark Levin’s words, (We) CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE!!! We know we will not go down easy. We feel like we are on the brink and we are fighters. It’s not healthy. We don’t want it to take a revolution or civil war. Will it?

Just so you and others who post know, my colleague and I NEED healthy and effective ways to respond. I welcome input and direction.

I read Erick Erickson every day. I trust his political and theological views. But mostly I HUNGER for the leadership he offers. He gives me direction. He gives me hope.

My resources are limited, but I’m going to take some healthy steps this year and I’m going to let Erickson and Mark Levin lead me. I will find creative and legal ways to help bring an end to this crap. This nation, our children, even the world, deserve better. Fin.

2. geoff - January 10, 2014

As pathetic as it sounds, these silly little posts are pretty much how I fight. I’m very glad that there are people like you who are less sedentary.

There’s nothing new in these charts, BTW. We knew in 2008 that the Democrat’s candidate wasn’t up to the job of fixing the economy. Then when we heard his plans in 2008 – 2010, we knew they wouldn’t be nearly as effective as he had hoped. A lot of them, like the exports and manufacturing jobs promises, were opportunistically stuffed into his agenda even when he had no control over them (“Hey, there’s a positive trend, so I’ll call it part of my economic plan and take credit for the trend continuing!”). Others were just wealth redistribution, which I believe has a negative effect on the economy.

So none of this is surprising. I’m no more agitated than I was in 2008 on these economic matters (though I’ll admit losing in 2012 got me somewhat agitated). But I do think somebody ought to hold the Administration’s accountable for their stupid platform and promises.

So I keep making these charts.

3. punk - January 10, 2014

That’s really depressing.

4. punk - January 10, 2014

That there chart, I mean. That’s depressing. And from whence you arrived at the data for the chart.

5. lauraw - January 10, 2014

I guess racial identity politics and corruption are not really the hot, high-demand exports right now. Oh well.

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