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Increasing Crime Rates in 2012 January 13, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

Last year we pointed out that after a long period of decline in violent crime, 2010 showed the first increase in crime. I’m none too happy to tell you that 2011 and 2012 continued that increase, as you can see from the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ own chart:

Violent Victimization 2012

Property crime in 2012 increased by 15% as well. So huzzah for the President and his administration, who have made America less safe at home and abroad in an incredibly short period of time.


1. Nanny G - January 13, 2014

When you consider all the new guns in the hands of Americans it is surprising that property crime has risen so much.
If I were a criminal I’d be scared out of my wits to try to enter a home around here!
I’m in Utah where almost every person owns guns and the proportion of population carrying is one in five!
But even here, we have news stories of people who break into parked cars and homes after the residents have left for work.

2. Mr. Matamoros - January 13, 2014

Thanks, Obama!

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