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Unemployment, January 2014 February 7, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

The employment report is out for January, and as usual I’ve plotted the number of full-time jobs divided by the civilian non-institutional population. Here’s how we’re doing:


This was actually a good month – the ratio is higher than it’s been since a few months after the President took office. Another few months and it might get to where it was when he was inaugurated.

You might be wondering how long it will take for the painfully slow Obama recovery to return this employment ratio to 52% (that’s the average value from January 1990 through January 2009).

July 2025.

But at least it’s going up.


1. geoff - February 8, 2014

From the “Headlines You Never Saw When George Bush was President,” File:

Weak US jobs report still provides cause for hope

2. Nanny G - February 8, 2014

The Obama’s are doing all they can to lock more people out of work.
“Don’t leave money on the table,” Michelle Obama told students at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia.

Why work when it is so easy to get on the dole!

“Almost everyone is eligible for some form of financial aid, and all you have to do to access that aid is fill out this one little form. It’s so simple. I was a work study student all throughout college,” she added.

I’m guessing that Obama might just forgive all loans of Democrat-registered people who owe money to the federal government before he leaves office.
Hook them while they’re young!
But, if they never work, how will they support Dems running for office?

(Michelle’s quotes from here: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/02/michelle_obama_urges_students_to_seek_taxpayer_money.html )

3. Lipstick - February 8, 2014

The kid broke the economy because he was given it to play with as if it were a toy.

4. Lipstick - February 8, 2014

And because he is a stupid arrogant commie.

5. Cathy - February 9, 2014

===> And because he is a stupid arrogant commie.

Well put, Lips! Kinda says it all.

6. Lipstick - February 9, 2014

Hi Cathy! Yeah, my first comment was way too polite. 🙂

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